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Friday, 21 November 2014

A crocheted Christmas.

If you've been following me, stalking me maybe, on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, then you'll know I've been in a bit of a crocheting frenzy. Little Christmas garlands have been zooming off my hook and through the post to family and friends. 

Why little crocheted Christmas garlands? 

Why not?

They're cute and quick and easy aaannd, I think, they could have LED lights pushed through their centres to sparkle through the Christmas nights. 

It all started when I was trawling around on the internet looking for I don't know what ... as you do… well, I do ... I came across a pattern for these little lovelies. 

Crocheted pineapples. Who would have thought! 

Well, someone did and, of course, I had to make some for my pineapple-infatuated friend.

Mixed with stars and joined into a garland. A tropical Christmas.

 You can find the pattern for them here.

Then my sister came to visit and we started searching for a skull pattern. My niece, her daughter, lives in house of skull-focused males, so we thought a couple of skulls in a garland for her might be an unusual idea.

We found HEAPS, but eventually decided on this pattern

I mixed it with some stars for more of a Christmas spirit, just a couple of skulls to satisfy the boys.

Then I was home alone again and a Christmas garland for my sister came to be. A little more traditional. No skulls this time.

Stars and medallions, hearts and Christmas trees.


The patterns you can find here … star, medallion, heart, Christmas tree.

Yes, I am making one for me too, like my sister's, but maybe with a couple of skulls added in. 

It's still a work in progress.

And so is this. I fell in love with this little star, so another garland for me is happening.

The pattern for this star is here.

So, what's stopping you? 

The patterns are there ready and waiting. Dust the cob webs off your crochet hook. 

Simple, easy, quick … what more could you want?

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Photography … a few snaps from this week.

I continue to keep snapping away to see how this camera really works. This week I've been using my new set up, which you can read about here, and trying to learn what I can do in this mode. So, here are my happy snaps and an interesting photography link from this week.

The skies have been clear and cerulean so I took a mass of photos like this.

 I got lots of weird looks from passers-by, but what the heck, couldn't they see that sky!?!

Then I played around with this new set up in the dark with my Asian style lamp.

The shutter speed was slow and I had to keep VERY still, but I liked what the camera saw.

No passers-by thinking, "Who is that crazy woman?" Well, not that I could see. It was dark and the blinds were down.

And I also played with my favourite model. Sometimes he was unaware.

He doesn't think I'm weird or crazy. He has to love me; I am the provider of food and cuddles.

I'm finding I need to get used to the camera setting its own shutter speed, but the outcomes so far are pretty good, I think.

And an interesting link I found this week about macro filters from This is one blog where I am finding lots of useful photography tips. Hope you gain some ideas from it too.

I might need to add some macro filters to my Christmas list.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Toulouse and the Canal du Midi … a spot not to be missed.

Toulouse, on the Garonne in southern France, was not on our must-visit list. We ventured there to spend some time with our canal-boat-owning friends and I'm so glad we did. Of course the hospitality was superb and the canal boating sublime, but Toulouse, the city, is quietly beautiful.

The streets are lined with elegant buildings from a time past. 

Shutters enticed me to want to see inside.

And as we meandered home from dinner in the square, the shutters would have been swung open to catch the evening air. Snatches of ornate ceilings and opulent chandeliers could be glimpsed from our lowly street level view. Sophisticated French style.

Narrow streets curved away to secret reaches of the city.

I so wanted to know what was behind this door.

The park was grand and blooming, having a last fling before the weather turned cooler.

Protective mothers surveyed their surrounds.

Elaborate lamps

and sculptures were dotted amongst the green.

Wine bars lurked beneath timbered buildings.

The city came alive as night fell.

And Cath√©drale St-√Čtienne glowed.

Then there was the canal boating on the Canal du Midi.

Scenes like this were common.

And the dining room, well, what more can I say?

So, what more did Toulouse have to offer?

For MLP, the aircraft infatuated one, Toulouse has this. The Airbus factory.

And this. The Beluga, purpose built to deliver A380 parts from around the world to Toulouse.

And, yes, he did get to fly in his A380 on the way over. Boy heaven.

For me?

Well, I fell in love with this.

Isn't she stunning! Who couldn't love her?

Definitely my next car. The adorable Fiat 500.

So, what do you think …

will Toulouse be added to your must-see list?

I highly recommend it.

What places are on your bucket list?