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27 September 2013

Because of MLP's line of work, he is often away from home for periods of time and this is when my Virgo-perfectionist-obsessive nature reveals its true self. I try to keep myself busy so the time alone passes more quickly.  Well, those are my excuses for what you will read in this post.

Orienteering, or are we just totally lost?

3 September 2013

When you're trying to find Number 3 and you stumble across Number 12, then you know you are totally lost!  Seriously lost.  But, in finding Number 12, we found our mojo and completed the entire track ... backwards.

What, you ask, am I raving about? Orienteering ... of course.  Doesn't everyone go orienteering on a beautiful September morning on the Gold Coast? No ... Well, I suppose not, but I was visiting my pineapple-infatuated friend, Linda, and, for Fathers' Day she thought it would be a great idea to try orienteering.

Neal, her dutiful husband and father of her two amazing sons, had, unbeknownst to me, been a gun orienteering youngster in his days of non-grey hair, Scouts and woggle wearing.  Linda and I, well, let's say we were orienteering virgins.  Short skirt, white T-shirt ... I did at least sport my walking shoes.  How was I to know it would mean scaling fences, wandering through overly moist, not-quite-swamp-land, tackling spider webs, weaving through pine forests AND heaps of FUN?  Yep, capital letters, F-U-N!

After some, in hindsight, meaningful instructions from the organising orienteering guru, we set off. Neal on his own: Linda and I together. We had a map, a pretty and colourful map, with a legend on the side which we were meant to be able to comprehend AND use ... apparently.

Our colourful and pretty map.

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