Padded baby play mat tutorial ... the quickest and easiest DIY baby gift imaginable.

22 November 2016

My family seems to be in baby making zone at the moment. Well, not making, more like producing, having, birthing. Cute little things have joined, or are on the cusp of joining, family life. So, I am sharing with you my quickest, easiest, most on-trend baby gift imaginable: the padded round baby play mat. They're everywhere on all the "in" sites and they are sooo easy and sooo quick to make you'll never have to think about what baby gift to make ever again.

3 DIY Dress Hacks for a New Summer Wardrobe.

15 November 2016

As you know life is more than a little busy for me at the moment with the move home, so, when Sheena Henderson offered a post to appear on my blog I happily obliged. I don't pretend to be a fashion blogger, but I do love fashion and, right now, I need some ideas for a Christmas Day dress and thought you might too. I hope you enjoy this guest post.

* * * * *

The beauty of fashion is that no rule is ever set in stone, giving us the freedom to wear our OTK boots in the heat and embroidered boho frocks in cooler temperatures, as long as the outfits are styled according to the season. However, no one can argue that maxis, minis, and everything in between are best worn during the summer, no-fuss ensembles that keep us feeling breezy during those hot sunny days. Similarly to what the editors of Elle have said, “We’d rather be naked than think of putting together an outfit involving pants."

Up-cycled denim peg bag tutorial ... and why I've been absent of late.

8 November 2016

A friend calls, a friend I've known for many, many years, around thirty years, he needs some help. Having just returned home from an extended time grey-nomading around our country, he needs some basic supplies to set up home again. A peg bag and a plastic bag holder. The plastic bag holder's easy. I've made heaps of them. More than heaps. But, I haven't made a peg bag before, so it's time for some thinking and a tutorial, of course.

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