New Year's resolutions ... one month on.

31 January 2014

It's been a month ... ALREADY! How can that be? One twelfth of 2014 gone ... disappeared ... crossed off the calendar. But, more importantly, how are the New Year's resolutions progressing?

I'm going to start with NYR 2. Illogical I know, but that's where I'm starting.

Flowers. In the house. Every week.

Well ... I bought flowers for the house of the first time last week. Not doing too well am I? MLP did offer to buy me some before then, but I thought the house was in too much chaos to warrant flowers.

There were boxes everywhere. Weren't there!

And disorganised stuff.

And mess.

And indecision.

It just didn't seem right to bring any poor, helpless flowers into the disaster zone. But, last week, last Thursday in fact, flowers were welcomed ... onto the dining table ... into the not-so-disorganised-messy-chaos. Enough progress had been made for flowers. Yea!

Pretty pinky, cerise-y carnations from my local Woolieworths ...

Driving south continued ... Day 2.

24 January 2014

After that little interlude last week where I introduced you to our new abode, it's time to complete our journey south.  We can't leave our journey part way through, so I'll take you through to the Gold Coast with us.

A blank slate.

17 January 2014

Moving house, city, state creates a confusion of emotions. Excitement. Anticipation. Anxiety ... which in my case surfaces as gastric reflux and heartburn, much to MLP's joy. Nothing better than having your partner belching ... loudly ... for over 2000 kms as you drive south! Its intensity escalating the closer we come to move-in day. But, so be it, my stomach can't be controlled.

Driving south ... to our new abode. Day 1.

16 January 2014

The time came to leave our home of 15 months in Townsville, NQ, and head south to begin a new adventure for the next three years. With all our possessions loaded into one and a half containers and onto the backs of trucks, we began the drive south in our trusted PT Cruiser ... recently checked over, minorly adjusted by the RACQ workshop and fitted with four glossy new tyres.

2014 ... A year begins.

3 January 2014

We're in a new state, a new town, soon a new house and a new year has begun, but what is going to change?

Well, firstly, my New Year's resolutions are going public. Scary! Because there'll be an expectation to perform.  I can hear the greetings ... "Hi, how are your resolutions going?" ... "Did you manage to ... ?" ... "How's the ... ?", but it may well be a way to keep me on track.

Have you made resolutions in the past? Have you ever managed to keep them?  I read something the other day that said New Year resolutions were a to-do list for the first week of the new year! Yeah, good one! 

Anyway, for what they're worth ...  my resolutions.

NYR 1.

I know, I can hear you groaning ... loudly.  But I'm not going overboard; I know my limitations.  I HATE the gym. Been there done that and failed extremely well.  I can keep it up for a while but not long term. It's just not me, not my type of fun. In fact I really, REALLY HATE it. I don't like the smells, the sounds, the equipment, the outfits, the muscles. I'm sure you understand.

My type of exercise involves feet and water. I love to walk and I looovvveee to swim. So, my exercise resolution is to swim or walk at least three times a week. 

It's going to get hard down here in winter. I've been led to believe there may be mornings of minus 5 or 6! Oooo! Hello snuggly blankets and oh-so-unsexy socks.

But, so far I've done well. A 30 to 45 minute walk on the last two days. So, I'm starting well!

NYR 2.
Flowers in the house every week.

Flowers make me feel happy. I like their perfumes, colours, shapes.  My new local Woolieworths has nice ones for less than $10 (I checked it out the other day when we sneak peeked our new house.) and it's only about 750 metres walk from home! I can kill two resolutions in one hit ... walk and flowers.  These resolutions are going to be e-a-s-y!

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