Secret pocket hanger tutorial: the perfect gift for any traveller.

8 July 2018 Coombabah QLD 4216, Australia

I loovvee travelling. I love the thrill of arriving at the international airport, celebrating with a glass of champagne and boarding that plane. Nothing better. And now, in my luggage will be my super special secret pocket hanger that I made for myself. Yes! I sewed for me! A rare and unusual treat. 

If you've been following me on social media, you'll know I didn't stop at one secret pocket hanger.

I made a second one ... for in the caravan ... for me! I sewed two things for me!!

And then ... another one for a Custom Order for a special friend. Frida, no less!

Three secret pocket hangers! I'm on a roll.

So, I thought if my special Frida-loving, travel-loving friend thinks these are a good thing. And, I think these are a good thing. Then maybe I need to share with you how to make them.

I'll certainly be making more. Some will definitely appear in my Etsy shop in the near future. So, if you're not a sewist, or are time poor, keep your eyes on my social media for when they'll be listed.

But, now that we've come to the conclusion that my secret pocket hangers, with their secret zippered pocket, hiding away secret treasures, are the perfect gift for you and the travellers in your life, it's time to show you how to make them.

We DID come to that conclusion, didn't we???

So, what do you need? 

  • 25cm (10") of a beautiful main fabric.
  • 25 cm (10") of lining fabric. I used calico.  
  • 20cm (8") zip.
  • 85 cm (34") of pom pom or ric rac trim. (Optional)
  • thread.
  • a hanger, of course.

Use your hanger to create a pattern.

Leave at least 1.5cm (½") clearance around the hanger.
I made my cover 15cm (6") long for the main fabric and 2.5cm (1") less for the lining.
Across the top, create a flat 8cm (3") opening for the hanger hook.

Cut around your paper pattern.

Cut your fabric.

With right sides of the main fabric together, cut out the pattern.

I cut my main fabric slightly larger than my pattern, tapering it off to the hook opening at the top. (If the main fabric is cut exactly the same size as the lining, it will be too tight a fit and not sit smoothly.)

You will now have two hanger shapes cut from the main fabric.

Now, with right sides of the lining fabric together, cut out the pattern. 

Cut lining the same size as the pattern.

You will now have two hanger shapes cut from the lining fabric.

Cut out the pocket.

From the lining, cut one 24cm x 12.5 cm (9½" x 5") rectangle and another 24cm x 4cm (9½" x 1½") rectangle.

Begin sewing.

The pocket first.

Overlock or zig zag all sides of both pocket pieces.

Sew the zip to the long side of the two pocket pieces.

(If sewing in a zip terrorises you, watch this video by Dana from MADE Everyday,

I didn't bother with a covering flap. Just a simple, open faced zip insertion.

Find the centre of one lining hanger shape and the centre of your pocket, place pocket on top of the wrong side of the lining hanger piece, secure with pins. (Remember, the secret pocket is going to be hidden between the main fabric and the lining.) 

Top stitch in place.

Next, take this lining piece, with pocket attached, and one hanger shape of main fabric, place right sides together and stitch across the hook opening at the top. (Remember, the pocket is on the wrong side of the lining.) Leave about 1cm (1/4") unstitched at either end.

Do the same for the remaining main and lining hanger shaped pieces.

Iron the seam towards the lining.

Next, take the two joined pieces, place them right sides together and stitch both outside seams, turning a sharp V at the centre point.

Clip curves of main fabric shoulders to reduce bulk.

I use my nanna's pinking shears to do this.

Zig zag the seam edges for a neater finish.

Overlock or zigzag the hem of the lining. Turn up 1cm (¼") towards wrong side of lining and topstitch hem of lining.

Overlock or zigzag hem of main. Turn up 1cm (¼") towards wrong side of main. Iron carefully.

Turn through so that lining sits inside the hanger cover. Carefully ease out shoulder corners and iron carefully.

Place ric rac or pom pom trim on edge of right side of main fabric hem and top stitch or zig zag into place.

And you are done!

This little travel hanger cover has been rumbling around in my head for many months till finally I decided it was time to start sewing.

Sometimes projects bubble around in my head for quite a while before they emerge onto paper and then fabric.

I ruminate on how to turn my vision into reality.

Thinking, thinking, thinking ... until finally it comes to fruition.

Flat, light and convenient, 

my secret pocket hanger

is an essential item in every traveller's luggage.

Let me know how you go making some for you and your travelling friends.

Yes, I know it's been a looong time in between blog posts. I think I just needed a break, 
but now I'm back with a lot of news and projects to share with you.

Catch up again soon.

If you haven't met my new Kennie kitten on my social media accounts, this is him being very helpful while I tried to take photos. 

Sadly, mid 2017, my Ralphie, at 12 years of age, succumbed to renal failure. 

Kennie joined our family early this year from the local Animal Welfare League Shelter.

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