Scrappy Christmas star tutorial.

21 October 2021 Coombabah QLD 4216, Australia

My scrappy Christmas star is a great way to work towards zero waste sewing. I love using sewing scraps to create small projects to give away to friends, neighbours and anyone who visits my market stall. My scrappy stars can dangle on the tree or pretty up gift wrapping, be linked together to form a garland, or just say, "Have a Merry Christmas." 

For my last market I made some origami butterflies to give away to little people who visited.

It was so lovely to see the faces light up from the gift of a simple origami butterfly.  One munchkin who was just learning to talk kept patting her chest as if to say to her mum, "Pin it on here please." Sooo cute.

These are relatively simple. The first one is always the hardest, but after that they were quick to make.

If you're interested, I found them here.

For the November and December markets, I decided I needed something Christmas-y. 

I did some Pinterest research and found a couple of options. One I really liked, but after making one, I decided the star was too fiddly and too bulky for the scraps I had. So, there will only ever be one of these from me.

My second option looks very much like my final scrappy star, but involved lots of folding and raw edges. The folding seemed like a waste of fabric to me and I thought I could create a simpler version and hence my scrappy Christmas star came about.

So, how did I make them?

What you need. These supplies will make two stars.

  • 3 x 13cm (5") squares of fabric 
  • 2 small buttons
  • 2 x 15cm (6") of thin ribbon
(I was cheeky. I raided our wardrobes and used the excess buttons often found on the labels inside blouses and shirts. And, for the ribbon, again I was cheeky and used those annoying bits of ribbon found at the shoulders of dresses and blouses.)

Step 1.

Cut each fabric square across the diagonal.

 I used complementary fabrics, but you could use three squares of the same fabric.

Step 2.

Fold each fabric triangle in half.

Use pinking shears to trim the raw edges... this is optional, but does create a cute finish.

I chose not to pink the folded edge, but you could if you wanted a consistent edge.

Step 3.

Topstitch 1/4" in from pinked edges.

Step 4.

Layer 3 triangles, each from a different fabric, to form a five pointed star.

Step 5.

Sew a button to the centre to secure all three layers together.

Step 6.

Fold ribbon in half, place in between the two layers of fabric at the top of the star and stitch in place.

And you are done.

Then make another.

And some others ...

And some Aussie style ones ...

And tropical and colourful ones.

I'd love to see your scrappy Christmas stars if you make some.

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