Dear Santa … our family's adult Santa letter.

11 December 2015

Dear Santa … remember the letter that used to be written each year and posted? Then the time spent waiting to see if he'd read it and the concern over whether he thought you'd been good enough? Remember the excitement? The present you'd asked so humbly for in your letter, was it the one wrapped and sitting at the base of the tree? Remember?

My Etsy Experience: taking the leap.

27 November 2015

Etsy. Should I? Shouldn't I? What if … no one buys my goodies? What if … I'm not up to scratch? What if … the techy stuff is too hard for me to negotiate? What if …???? Taking the leap into opening my Etsy shop did not come without fear, stomach turnings, questioning, but I'm so glad I was brave enough to do it.

Cool things I've found wandering around the inter-web.

22 November 2015

It's been quite a while since I've shared my inter-web adventures. It's not that I haven't been wandering, just that life's been busy. So, here are some cool inter-web sites that I thought you might like.

1. I'm a bit of a home stylist stalker. I love seeing what professional stylists do and learning their tricks. One stylist I particularly love to follow is Emily Henderson. I like her quirky nature and her ability to produce rooms that don't look "styled". 

A shed + two men + one woman + a dog = Happiness.

13 November 2015

A shed, a simple shed creates a life about family and friendship and fulfilment. Add in a dog, a faithful, ageing beauty who is constant, loving, loved and life is complete. Happy and complete.

Faces of Bali: People watching, a pastime I love to practise.

24 October 2015

One of the joys of travel is people watching. Becoming mesmerised by the everyday faces of the people … going about their everyday lives, doing everyday things … in ways so different from my own. I'm intrigued by the eyes, the smiles, the lines of life. The portraits created. 

The faces of innocence.

Bali Hindu Dharma: Bringing order into the disorder … every day.

17 October 2015

God is everywhere and in every thing. Such is the way of daily life in Ubud, Bali. Dharma and adharma are in constant struggle to gain supremacy. Good against evil. Man's intervention brings about equilibrium … temporarily … and, hence, the rituals, prayers and offerings to the Gods continue everyday, everywhere. Through man, the beauty, peace and balance are maintained.

Yoga in Ubud for a week? … Oooommmm …Yes, please.

9 October 2015

My sister, the older and wiser one, didn't have to ask more than once. And so the journey began … to Bali, Ubud to be specific … to retreat, to Casa Luna Honeymoon Guesthouses to be specific … and yoga, TriYoga with Dagmar Hirsch to be specific … for a week … and then relax and shop for a few more days. 

More of Kakadu, a glimpse of Arnhem Land and into Litchfield National Park. More beauty, more beasts.

7 September 2015

The beauty and the beasts tour of Australia's Top End continues, as promised. Are you ready for the magnificence of Kakadu, Arnhem Land and Litchfield National Park. Sunscreen and hat? It's hot, even though it's still winter.

From the top of Ubirr Rock, a sneak peek of the Nadab floodplains that stretch all the way north to Van Diemen Gulf.

Kakadu National Park: the beauty and the beast.

29 August 2015

Kakadu National Park, home of many aboriginal clan groups. Home of outstanding beauty and terrifying beasts. 

Darwin, a short break at Australia's Top End.

22 August 2015

"Darwin," MLP says. "Why don't we go to Darwin … and Kakadu … and Litchfield? What do you think?" He'd been away for work for a very long time and this was to celebrate his return. I'd been thinking somewhere closer, like the Southern Highlands, but the idea of warmth, maybe even heat, and the opportunity to swim made the decision easy. So, within a week, we are there. Darwin. The Top End. The Northern Territory. Crocodile country.

Home Hello House Clean Winner.

10 August 2015

Thanks to Home Hello I had a house clean to giveaway. Who wouldn't want their house cleaned for free by the lovely Home Hello angels?

Need your house cleaned for free? My cheapskate cleaning regime and my first ever giveaway.

7 August 2015

Some of us love a clean house; others can take it or leave it. Unfortunately, as a Virgo, I fall wholeheartedly into the first category. I love tidy. I love clean. I love organised. Sad, very sad. I'm more of a "Sad-ie", the cleaning lady, rather than a Sadie. (Go on, click on the link and sing-a-long for old times' sake.)

My biggest and best cleaning tip?


Yep, plain old water. Sometimes heated to steam. Mostly associated with a micro fibre cloth. I own lots of micro fibre cloths. Love them.

Don't want to leave streaks? Use a micro fibre cloth.

Don't want the dust recirculating? Use a micro fibre cloth.

Days for Girls … the loveliest group of women … helping women … across the world.

1 August 2015

Days for Girls Emu Plains July get together was the friendliest experience. Women helping women … across the world. I was a newbie … uninitiated, raw, delving into the abyss, but what a wonderful abyss filled with laughter, friendship, love and … pavlova. Mmmm, pavlova. How could you not be tempted to help out?

See these smiling faces; how could you not want to be involved in creating those beautiful smiles?

Photo thanks to Barbara Mitchell OAM

This month's inter-web interesting bits.

24 July 2015

This month's inter-web update is probably a little late. It's been a busy month. So let's get underway.

1. Something to put on your Christmas wish list or to buy for your significant other. 

Watch this little video.

I fell in love with Naja's ethos, "Underwear for hope … When you educate a woman, everything changes." How could we not want to buy this underwear? Cool underwear made by single mothers from underprivileged areas.

Have a browse of these collections. Found a favourite? I think this might be mine.

Tee Pee making … again.

17 July 2015

I love to make Tee Pees, as you know. So when my Ralphie-minding-tweenage neighbour's birthday was approaching, it seemed like the thing to do. A Tee Pee for a Princess; her mum and dad's Princess.

Clothes de-cluttering, KonMari style.

10 July 2015

What is KonMari style? Good question. In my retired life under a rock, I had not heard of KonMari or Marie Kondo. I can hear some of you saying, "What! Not heard of KonMari!" And others, like me, saying, "What? Who?"

Cattai National Park, NSW, so much serenity.

3 July 2015

Cattai National Park, in Sydney's west, New South Wales. In the words of Darryl Kerrigan of The Castle … How's the serenity? So much serenity.

Misty morning madness.

26 June 2015

It's nearly 10am as I venture out to the pool for my twice weekly ritual. One kilometre, up and down, up and down. Meditative, soothing, relaxing. Zen for the body and mind.

But today is a little different. I am confronted by this.


19 June 2015

When death creeps by the door there is an emptiness that pervades, a sadness that overwhelms. 

This month's interesting bits from the inter-web.

5 June 2015

Narrowing down this month's list of cool web links to just five has been fun. There's so much amazingness out there in cyberspace, inter-web land. So, here is my list.

1. Have you come across Kid President? I had heard a little about how he'd interviewed Barack Obama, Adult President, but I hadn't seen any of his wisdom until very recently.  He's very cool. Have a watch of some of his wisdom here.

Vivid, Sydney. A city lights up.

29 May 2015

I stumbled upon Sydney's Vivid a number of years ago, when, by chance, MLP and I were in the city for a weekend and there, outside our hotel room, was Vivid in all its amazingness. Vivid is now seven years old, growing, expanding and even more amazing. 

Antique-ing on Bourke Street, Sydney. The beginning of a journey.

22 May 2015

The most bizarre aspect of antique-ing on Bourke Street is that my first port of call is Mitchell Road Antiques. I can't find a "Mitchell Road" anywhere in the vicinity but, there it is, Mitchell Road Antiques on Bourke Road. 

Yes, that's not an error, "road" it is and then, at the traffic lights, it becomes "street". I'm sure there's some history behind all this Bourke-road-street-Mitchell Road madness, but I haven't yet discovered what it is.

If you can fill me in, I'd be very appreciative.

So, my journey on Bourke Street/Road begins.

Finders Keepers Market, Sydney, 2015. I found and I kept.

15 May 2015

What is a Finders and Keepers Market? I didn't really know. I'd never been, never seen, but I had heard whispers and my expectations were high. So, off I went to find and keep.

Well, there are markets and there are M.A.R.K.E.T.S. and this was one of the latter. Huge. Amazing. Inspiring. Fuelled by the most talented people selling, showcasing their most wonderful arts and crafts. It was THE market of all markets.

In through these doors

The sad, but compelling, story of my relationship with my toaster.

8 May 2015

Yes, my toaster. Toaster No 2 to be exact. Toaster No 2 is almost identical to Toaster No 1. A few minor, but significant differences, distinguish him.

Meet Toaster No 1.

Some cool places I've been on the inter-web this week.

2 May 2015

Well, I suppose it's more like "Some cool places I've been on the inter-web this month." This seems to be turning into a monthly post. So, regardless, let's delve into the world of the amazing inter-web.

1. I love VW Kombi vans.

As you know from last week, I spent nine months travelling around Europe in one in my youth. But VW Kombi vans or Camper vans, whichever you know them as, speak of freedom and travel and sunsets and … soooo, why not bring one right into the heart of your kitchen? Why not turn your fridge in to a Kombi?

Have a look at this … a VW Kombi lover's dream.

The Australian dream … grey nomading.

24 April 2015

I'm one of the lucky ones who, in their youth, did The Grand Tour … Australian style … in a VW Kombi van purchased in the street outside Australia House, London. Nine months travelling, nomading, across Europe into Morocco, East Berlin ... via Checkpoint Charlie, Portugal, Denmark ... No set journey. No set plan. Just wandering, soaking up art, culture, food, wine … oh, yes, lots of wine.

Sydney. A day in town.

17 April 2015

I'm not a city kind of girl. I'm more the smaller beachside town kind ...  with good coffee and a little bit of quirkiness. Cities, major cities, confront and consume. Their busyness and their noise overwhelm me. Their art, culture and architecture redeem them and tempt me. A day in town with a visitor is enjoyable ... and enough. 

DIY with painters' drop sheets.

10 April 2015

Painters' drop sheets? Yes, you know those big pieces of fabric painters use to stop any drips messing up the floors and furniture as they paint. I have read about people using them to make curtains, tablecloths, upholster furniture. You name it, someone has used a painters' drop sheet to do it. Well … almost.

Some cool inter-web sites for you to visit over Easter.

3 April 2015

I'm still finding things that I think are amazing out there in inter-web land. We live in a time of information and communication overload, don't you think? So, where am I leading you to this week?

1. Magnolia Homes, a place where broken down houses … fixer uppers … are turned into dream homes.

Remembrance poppies. Poppy Park.

27 March 2015

Red poppies. Remembrance poppies. Flanders Field poppies. Blood red against a sea of green. As a child I remember buying paper poppies on Remembrance Day, wearing them proudly on my school uniform, but not being truly aware of their significance. 

Home is where the heart is … and friends, special friends.

20 March 2015

Living away from home and friends is just a part of life for the present. MLP's job takes us on exciting adventures to new destinations. New friends are made. New experiences enjoyed. When I return home for a short visit, my heart skips a little beat.

Some more cool places I've been on the inter-web this week.

17 March 2015

So what have I found this week on the world wide inter-web? Well, to be truthful, some of these exciting things I found a while ago, but I hope they're new and life changing for some of you.

1. My most favourite-est pig ever. Esther. If you don't know Esther, Esther The Wonder Pig, you must take the time to meet her and her dads. Esther was rescued as a mini-pig,

Coogee to Bondi walk … a family affair.

13 March 2015

The SMS from Number 2 says she's coming to Sydney for the weekend to visit Number 3 and what about a day out with them on Saturday. My nieces. My brother's daughters. Two of his three. 

A later SMS says the weather prediction is for sunshine and the walk from Coogee to Bondi is the plan. Yes! 

Canon 50mm f1.8 lens … I bought one.

27 February 2015

Canon 50mm f1.8 lens … after hearing about this magic lens for some time, I did some investigation … research … googling … over a period of time (Doesn't sound like me does it?) and, then, on a whim, almost, I went out and bought myself this little present. I'm not exactly sure how I perfect its magic yet, but I've been snapping everywhere and everyone.

Photography … Meet my neighbours.

24 February 2015

These happy families live at the end of my street. Each morning and afternoon they gather to munch some grass and no doubt share the day's tales. They're inquisitive, yet quite shy. The slightest disturbance will send them bounding to the safety of their near-by bush. 

Meet Matilda, the stick vacuum cleaner, Roger's soul mate.

20 February 2015

This is one of those I-must-be-a-slow-learner confessions. Nigh on two and a half years ago, my lovely neighbour lent me her sparkling new stick vacuum cleaner to play with for a couple of days. "It's fantastic," she said. "It makes the quick clean up sooo easy." So, I tried it and ... I did think it was fantastic, but … well, I'm always slow to … part with the funds.

Some cool places I've been this week on the inter-web.

17 February 2015

I thought I'd start to share with you, maybe twice a month, some of the weird and wonderful stuff I find on the weird and wonderful web, known by some as www. Who knows, you might think these random inter-web links are interesting too.

1. This little grain silo house is amazing. And they have a cat, so they must be nice people as well.

A Cat's Life … guest blogger, Ralph.

13 February 2015

Ralph, Ralphter, Ralphie call me any of these … apparently. 

Schmuggle and Little One also come into the realm of names to which I am meant to answer. But, I answer best to … "Biccies?" I LOVE biccies. They are my most favourite-est food in the universe. I don't know what the universe is, but I get the impression it's pretty big.

Q Station, Manly … Sydney's best kept secret.

6 February 2015

Last week I gave you a sneak peak at The Q Station from its private beach and my SUP adventure and, as promised, this week I'll take you on a little tour to make you sick with jealousy. Yes, you will be jealous, r e a l l y jealous. Green to the gills, as my father used to say.

Stand Up Paddle boarding … I DID it!

30 January 2015

Yep, just two weeks ago I was blogging about my New Year's resolutions and here I am already ticking one off the list. How good am I? 

Junk Yard heaven.

23 January 2015

When visitors come to stay there's always that excitement of playing tourist in your own backyard. My pineapple-loving friend loves fossicking for treasures amongst junk. The Salvos. Vinnies. Op shops. Shopping heaven for her … and, I must admit, she has converted me too. So, on her latest visit, I knew exactly where to take her … The Junk Yard. 

I'd heard about it from my coffee-companion, but had never been. So, it was an adventure into the unknown for all of us. Pineapple-loving friend, brother, niece, me. I had a lot of visitors last weekend.

And, what an adventure.

It was hot, 30 plus degrees, sunny, glary, steamy. All those things that scream, "Don't stay out in the sun too long." But … when faced with this

Looking back, looking forwards, 2015 … another year begins.

16 January 2015

This time last year I made my resolutions public. Was that a good idea? Yep, definitely. Knowing that I would have to fess up to my successes and failures kept me on track all year, haunted me all year.  So, now that time has come. Time to fess up. Time to set 2015 resolutions. Time to get into this new year.

2014 resolutions ( read them here) were:

1. Exercise. 

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside … Manly.

13 January 2015

A couple of nights at Manly for New Year's Eve sated my need for salt, sand and sea … for a little while. I miss the Pacific. I miss the waves. I miss the salty air.

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