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13 February 2015

Ralph, Ralphter, Ralphie call me any of these … apparently. 

Schmuggle and Little One also come into the realm of names to which I am meant to answer. But, I answer best to … "Biccies?" I LOVE biccies. They are my most favourite-est food in the universe. I don't know what the universe is, but I get the impression it's pretty big.

I have a busy life. Full to the brim. I have a house to guard and a garage which I MUST inspect every night, usually while mum is fussing around cooking the human meal. Well, that's THE best time to scope out the garage. Sometimes she just doesn't understand the importance of timing and my need to have that door opened NOW. And the garage inspection completed NOW.

One of the most irksome things about being me is my inability to open doors. I have to ask, request, even sometimes stoop to begging, for doors to be opened. How demeaning!

Opened so I can go out.

 Opened so I can come in.

Garage doors, doors to the garden, doors to the spare room … Oh, if only I could convince them to open that one.

I don't see what's wrong with sleeping on, under, over, around the pillows, sheets, doonas in the spare room. Something about having to wash everything a-g-a-i-n before the next visitors arrive. Huh!

Sometimes the visitors take pity on me and leave the door open so I can show them how much I lurve them.

There's rules about where I can and can't rest my weary body after guarding.

This is a NO!

Apparently my fur and this new couch don't go together so well.

I'm allowed in the charity donation basket. No, they don't donate me.

In winter, I'm allowed in this soft circle-y thing, which seem to be mine.

I'm allowed on mum's lap.

Even if she's on the out-of-bounds new couch.

Aaannd I am allowed to sleep on mum and dad's bed whenever I want. Not that I do it often.

Evidently there's a difference between 'on' and 'in'?!? It's seems a bit pernickety to me.

I try to be as helpful as I can around the place. Mum spends a lot of time at this machine type thing, so I hop up on the table and take on the OHS supervisory role.

Occasionally I nap … in the sunshine … while she plays with the machine-y thing.

Or, when I get bored with that, in the cupboard behind her. But I don't nap often. Too busy.

Oh, I forgot to mention the other place I'm definitely allowed. On this square thing that sits very close to the out-of-bounds couch. I mean, what's the difference? I just don't get it.

Regardless though, it's quite comfortable.

It could be just a fraction bigger.

Especially when they leave stuff on it.

Or expect to share it with me.

Now that's so unfair. I'm not allowed on the out-of-bounds couch, BUT they're allowed to put parts of them on my square thing.

Well, I think that's about enough from me for now. I need to go and nibble on some biccies.

Unless you'd like to see a few more shots of me?

Oh, alright.

Oh, and mum said, "Yes, the blog has a new design. It comes from XOMISSE." Mum says it's the place to go if you need help with your blog. Lots of tips apparently.

But that's it for now.

Maybe I'll be allowed to post again one day. 

Maybe you need to let mum know if you would like that.

Don't forget it's easy to comment now. If you don't want to do the whole registering thing, just your name and email and tick "I'd rather post as a guest." So, comment away.

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