Meet Matilda, the stick vacuum cleaner, Roger's soul mate.

20 February 2015

This is one of those I-must-be-a-slow-learner confessions. Nigh on two and a half years ago, my lovely neighbour lent me her sparkling new stick vacuum cleaner to play with for a couple of days. "It's fantastic," she said. "It makes the quick clean up sooo easy." So, I tried it and ... I did think it was fantastic, but … well, I'm always slow to … part with the funds.

I remember her saying she used it every day.

Vacuum everyday. You've got to be kidding. I will never do that. It will sit in the cupboard and I'll feel guilty about spending the money.

So, I did a lot of thinking, procrastinating, researching, annoying appliance people in appliance stores. And, here I find myself, two and a half years later, thinking, "Yep, she was right. This is the best thing since … well, since, I bought Roger. WHY DIDN'T I BUY THIS AGES AGO!"

And his gorgeous smile?

He thinks this is his best side.

It took me aeons to buy him too. It took an email from half way across the country for me to decide to make the plunge and buy him at what I thought was an acceptable price.

And now I use him every day. Yep, every day. His best point is his ability to go under things … beds, cupboards … you've got to love that. And his independence, of course. He gets the orange moggie fur off the dark carpet in our bedroom every day.

Note To Self: never choose dark carpet, even if you don't have an orange moggie.

And so the saga of my procrastination continues.

I now have in my broom cupboard, which is no longer known as a "broom" cupboard, … but more about that later … a stick vacuum cleaner. 

Two and a half years! Can someone give me a slap.

This thing is fantastic. Like really FANTASTIC!

I use it everyday. Just like my lovely neighbour said I would. I am a convert.

And, of course, she has a name. Yes, she's a she. And she's Roger's soul mate.

He's in luurve. They make the perfect couple.

Meet Matilda.

Slim and sexy Matilda.

Roger loves her. I love her. She and Roger are meant to be together.

She has the sweetest little head that fits in those places where Dorothy's head doesn't. Remember Dorothy, Roger's other friend? Poor Dorothy doesn't get out of the cupboard much these days.

Matilda's head fits between the shower screen and the loo, that horrid spot that used to be so hard to clean.

And she has the usual entourage.

Because she is so light, I can use these beauties to get those pesky spider webs around the cornice. Hate spider webs. And do the skirting boards, window sills, sliding door tracks in a nano second.

Dorothy's attachments fit her too, which is an added bonus.

Her stomach's not a bad size.

And she sucks up orange moggie fur so well.

But back to the "broom" cupboard. 

My brooms have been retired. Permanently.

Matilda sucks up the orange fur; the brooms redistribute the orange fur into the air and onto … every flat surface. 

The kitchen is Matilda-ed every day. She's just so easy to grab. No more bending down with a dust pan and broom. No cords. No plugging and unplugging. The hour of power is now a breeze.

Sorry, I need to stop raving.

Bye, bye brooms. Hello, Matilda.

My "broom" cupboard is no more. 

So, I hear you ask, what prompted you to take the plunge?

Price, of course, just like Roger. Matilda was on special at the most crazy price at Target (and apparently also Big W) so I did it. Threw her in the trolley and home she came.

Best thing I've bought in ages.

Sad, but true.

Have you got one?

What other life-changing-cannot-live-without appliance
 have you invested in
that I'll probably buy in two and a half year's time?

Remember, it's easy to share your appliance secrets with me. If you don't want to do the registering thing, just add your comment, name, email and tick "I'd rather post as a guest." Too easy.

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