Faces of Bali: People watching, a pastime I love to practise.

24 October 2015

One of the joys of travel is people watching. Becoming mesmerised by the everyday faces of the people … going about their everyday lives, doing everyday things … in ways so different from my own. I'm intrigued by the eyes, the smiles, the lines of life. The portraits created. 

The faces of innocence.

Bali Hindu Dharma: Bringing order into the disorder … every day.

17 October 2015

God is everywhere and in every thing. Such is the way of daily life in Ubud, Bali. Dharma and adharma are in constant struggle to gain supremacy. Good against evil. Man's intervention brings about equilibrium … temporarily … and, hence, the rituals, prayers and offerings to the Gods continue everyday, everywhere. Through man, the beauty, peace and balance are maintained.

Yoga in Ubud for a week? … Oooommmm …Yes, please.

9 October 2015

My sister, the older and wiser one, didn't have to ask more than once. And so the journey began … to Bali, Ubud to be specific … to retreat, to Casa Luna Honeymoon Guesthouses to be specific … and yoga, TriYoga with Dagmar Hirsch to be specific … for a week … and then relax and shop for a few more days. 

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