My Etsy Experience: taking the leap.

27 November 2015

Etsy. Should I? Shouldn't I? What if … no one buys my goodies? What if … I'm not up to scratch? What if … the techy stuff is too hard for me to negotiate? What if …???? Taking the leap into opening my Etsy shop did not come without fear, stomach turnings, questioning, but I'm so glad I was brave enough to do it.

Cool things I've found wandering around the inter-web.

22 November 2015

It's been quite a while since I've shared my inter-web adventures. It's not that I haven't been wandering, just that life's been busy. So, here are some cool inter-web sites that I thought you might like.

1. I'm a bit of a home stylist stalker. I love seeing what professional stylists do and learning their tricks. One stylist I particularly love to follow is Emily Henderson. I like her quirky nature and her ability to produce rooms that don't look "styled". 

A shed + two men + one woman + a dog = Happiness.

13 November 2015

A shed, a simple shed creates a life about family and friendship and fulfilment. Add in a dog, a faithful, ageing beauty who is constant, loving, loved and life is complete. Happy and complete.

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