Vivid, Sydney. A city lights up.

29 May 2015

I stumbled upon Sydney's Vivid a number of years ago, when, by chance, MLP and I were in the city for a weekend and there, outside our hotel room, was Vivid in all its amazingness. Vivid is now seven years old, growing, expanding and even more amazing. 

Antique-ing on Bourke Street, Sydney. The beginning of a journey.

22 May 2015

The most bizarre aspect of antique-ing on Bourke Street is that my first port of call is Mitchell Road Antiques. I can't find a "Mitchell Road" anywhere in the vicinity but, there it is, Mitchell Road Antiques on Bourke Road. 

Yes, that's not an error, "road" it is and then, at the traffic lights, it becomes "street". I'm sure there's some history behind all this Bourke-road-street-Mitchell Road madness, but I haven't yet discovered what it is.

If you can fill me in, I'd be very appreciative.

So, my journey on Bourke Street/Road begins.

Finders Keepers Market, Sydney, 2015. I found and I kept.

15 May 2015

What is a Finders and Keepers Market? I didn't really know. I'd never been, never seen, but I had heard whispers and my expectations were high. So, off I went to find and keep.

Well, there are markets and there are M.A.R.K.E.T.S. and this was one of the latter. Huge. Amazing. Inspiring. Fuelled by the most talented people selling, showcasing their most wonderful arts and crafts. It was THE market of all markets.

In through these doors

The sad, but compelling, story of my relationship with my toaster.

8 May 2015

Yes, my toaster. Toaster No 2 to be exact. Toaster No 2 is almost identical to Toaster No 1. A few minor, but significant differences, distinguish him.

Meet Toaster No 1.

Some cool places I've been on the inter-web this week.

2 May 2015

Well, I suppose it's more like "Some cool places I've been on the inter-web this month." This seems to be turning into a monthly post. So, regardless, let's delve into the world of the amazing inter-web.

1. I love VW Kombi vans.

As you know from last week, I spent nine months travelling around Europe in one in my youth. But VW Kombi vans or Camper vans, whichever you know them as, speak of freedom and travel and sunsets and … soooo, why not bring one right into the heart of your kitchen? Why not turn your fridge in to a Kombi?

Have a look at this … a VW Kombi lover's dream.

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