Some cool places I've been on the inter-web this week.

2 May 2015

Well, I suppose it's more like "Some cool places I've been on the inter-web this month." This seems to be turning into a monthly post. So, regardless, let's delve into the world of the amazing inter-web.

1. I love VW Kombi vans.

As you know from last week, I spent nine months travelling around Europe in one in my youth. But VW Kombi vans or Camper vans, whichever you know them as, speak of freedom and travel and sunsets and … soooo, why not bring one right into the heart of your kitchen? Why not turn your fridge in to a Kombi?

Have a look at this … a VW Kombi lover's dream.

Yes, that is a fridge! How cool.

Or maybe turn your spare fridge, the one on the back deck or in the garage, into a Kombi. You can even have a photo of your very own Kombi turned into a fridge graphic. Magic!

2. My tiny house this month belongs to Natalie, is only 265 square feet, has room for a cat and was featured on Apartment Therapy. How lovely does it looked surrounded by melting snow?

Natalie also has her own site where you can follow through the building of her tiny home.

3. If you like quirky and different and cute, you will love the work of Vanessa Bean. Her ceramics are unique and one day one of these cute vases will make it's way to my house I'm sure.

And maybe even a sweet faced spoon to stir my coffee.

I love them. What about you?

You can also follow Vanessa on Instagram @vbean.

4. My pineapple loving friend shared this skit by Mavi Kocaeli on Facebook. I had a good giggle.  Hope you like it too.

5. My blog of the month is The Room Illuminated. I particularly like this blog because it features real people in real rooms … their favourite room in their home. Not designer tweaked, overly styled rooms. Just real rooms that real people live in and love.

People like Nadya from Victoria whose favourite room is her family room.

When I first came across this blog, I spent hours going back through the rooms people love. So, make a cup of tea, set aside some time and enjoy visiting some lovely Australians in their favourite rooms.

And, to finish off, as usual one of my photos. This one from a morning spent at Main Beach, Southport, Queensland with two very special friends. This has to be one of the best beaches in the world. My "home" beach.

And that's it for this month.

Hope you find some of these links to your liking.

Share with me any sites you found that you think I might like.

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