My coriander experiment.

29 August 2013

Don't you hate it when the recipe you're making only requires half the bunch of coriander you bought from, in my case, Woolieworths?  I diligently wrap the remainder and place it carefully in the crisper drawer of the fridge.  Don't we all?

Then, in a few weeks' time, I find a green slimy mass pretending to have once been coriander lurking at the bottom of said crisper drawer.  Shame and guilt reign supreme.  How could I have let this happen?  How could I be so wasteful?  How could my fridge conceal such an atrocity!

Well, it happened again and I got to pondering ...

Friends had chopped the tops off slimy spring onions, planted the slimy roots and, within a short period of time, new, fresh, un-slimy growth had appeared!  They now have an on-going supply of non-slimy spring onions.  Chop off the tops, leave the roots in the soil and a never ending, garden-fresh supply of spring onions sprouts forth.  Think of the millions to be saved!  Think of the overseas holidays to be had on the savings!  Well ... maybe not.

So, I thought, why could I not try this with my slimy coriander?  Might I never have to buy coriander again?

And I did.  I chopped off the unidentifiable green slimy mass above what I hoped were coriander roots, planted them in a not-very-attractive pot, gave them a little drink and a little fertiliser, placed it in a semi-shaded spot and waited ...

Week 1.

Out and about, window shopping.

25 August 2013

One of the memories I have of my childhood is going window shopping; something I'm sure no one does these days.  My family would go to town, at night, usually a Friday night from what I remember, and walk the town looking at the displays in the shop windows.  At the end of the day's trading in preparation for viewing by window shoppers that night, shop assistants would have artistically placed the latest trending items across the floor space in front of the shop doors.  No huge display windows then.   Ah, what a nostalgia trip!

But what is the pertinence of this to today's blog you may ask.  Well, I consider these window shopping outings to be the cause of my browsing disease.  These days I window shop inside the store and in broad daylight, but the outcome is the same: no money spent but ideas gained.

So, this week, when I was on a mission to find a car wash, (I'm new to this town and not yet familiar with the lie of the land.) I found myself in Freedom ... might just have a look through here since I don't have the correct change for the car wash, I thought.  And I soon realised I was in Linda heaven.  You're familiar with my friend Linda's obsession with pineapples.  Well, it seems pineapples are IT at the moment.  Certainly, that's the case in Freedom.  I was surrounded by all things pineapple.

Beautiful pink pineapple cushions

I confess; I'm an apron wearer.

22 August 2013

Yep, it's time to be upfront. I'm an apron wearer, have been for a gazillion years.  I know it's an old- fashioned thing to do, but hey, there's lots of closet apron wearers hiding in their kitchens in fear of being outed.

The first one, which I wore for a long time, was plastic coated. Yick, the thought nauseates me!  Why did I persist? That wasn't an apron.  It didn't do what aprons do ... wipe flour encased hands, morph into a pot holder, transport a collection of goodies from pantry to kitchen bench, get REALLY gunky and blotched by the love of cooking a family meal.  Sure, it protected my clothing, but it had no soul.  It was plastic for goodness sake!

Tea cozy challenge?!?

15 August 2013

Nobody uses tea cozies these days. NOBODY! So, why am I making one for the challenge at the local RSL market?  I keep telling myself it's all about the challenge.  It's not because tea cozies are functional in any way.

Tea left to brew under a tea cozy is bitter and horrible; everyone knows that.  Yes, real, loose leaf tea tastes a thousand times more wonderful than tea bags and, yes, I do use a teapot. Tea bags are anathema to me. (Why does "anathema" sound weird without "an" in front of it??) Sometimes, rarely, tea bags make their way into my cup.

Roger, the robotic vacuum cleaner, my new best friend.

11 August 2013

I'd been thinking about these robotic vacuum cleaners for ages.  One of the girls I worked with in my previous, non-retired life had one and loovved it.She'd bought hers with her stash of wishing-well-wedding money.

In the beginning ...

9 August 2013 Townsville QLD, Australia

This has all started because my cousin, Maria and I bought iPad minis.  What a revolution.

I discovered blogging and all those wonderful people who share their creative passion, their homes and lives. Well, rather, I discovered Pinterest and then blogs and my world changed. I'm know I'm late coming to this revolution but at least I'm now here.

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