In the beginning ...

9 August 2013 Townsville QLD, Australia

This has all started because my cousin, Maria and I bought iPad minis.  What a revolution.

I discovered blogging and all those wonderful people who share their creative passion, their homes and lives. Well, rather, I discovered Pinterest and then blogs and my world changed. I'm know I'm late coming to this revolution but at least I'm now here.

So, I mentioned to my lovely partner (MLP) that I might write a blog and his response ... "Why not." So why not is what has happened.

The birth of a blog was not such an easy thing for me. I had no idea what a gadget or widget was ... but I think I do now.  Soon I'm going to push the publish button even though I know it's not perfect. A hard thing for the Virgo in me to do!

I hope to share my life and home, as they are, with anyone who's interested. I'm an addicted furniture  re-arranger, vignette arranger, sewer ... as in sewing machine, not the other sewer! ... , candle maker, crazy cat lover and I do a bit of gardening, but since we're renting at the moment it's only in pots. And, now, of course, an active Pinterester.

So, for today, here is a little vignette that encapsulates my style: eclectic with Asian influences, bits of vintage, sometimes, often, a confused mix.

Console table.

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