Miss Betty turns 90.

28 August 2016

Miss Betty ... aka mum, mother duck ... turned 90 last week. Amazing. Totally amazing. We know she's 90, but she thinks she's around 28, back on the farm, waiting for dad to come down for smoko. She's happy. We're happy. We take it as it comes. Some days she's better than others. But 90! That's quite an achievement.

The Archibald Prize 2016: Come with my friend and me for a day out in town.

18 August 2016

When a friend comes from Woolooga, Queensland to Vineyard, New South Wales, a trip of over a thousand kilometres, and says let's go to town and see the Archibald Prize Exhibition, it's time for a day out. A day of coffee and cake, a little shopping and a lot of culture.

Preparations for going "home" with Frontline Plus ... Guest blogger, Ralphie.

12 August 2016

Hi again everyone. It's me ... Ralphie ... again. I'm so excited because it seems I ... me, little ol' me ... I have followers! How exciting is that. People who read mum's blog who want to hear from me, who follow me, via mum, on FaceBook and Instagram! Who would have thought! Some of them even send me presents ... more about that later. Anyways, I've been told we're going "home", apparently ... at the end of the year, apparently. And I have to get ready, apparently.

Tote bag tutorial; made in less than 45 minutes. Join the anti-plastic-bags revolution.

5 August 2016

Yes, a tote bag, a good size tote bag with some volume to hold your shopping easily. And made in less than 45 minutes. Why wouldn't you want to get started!

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