Middle Head, Sydney: some history, a bush walk and views worth millions.

20 March 2016

Middle Head is a looong way from our current abode in Sydney's far west. It's in the harbour, almost directly opposite The Heads, North Head and South Head. The ones that form the harbour's mouth. The ones that Cook sailed passed and that Governor Phillip rowed a long boat through to found this nation and this magnificent city. Well, his lackies rowed; I'm sure he did not one single iota of rowing. 

Stitches and Craft Show, Sydney 2016 … including a little vintage.

12 March 2016

Stitches and Craft Show, Sydney 2016. I had a mission to accomplish. I was focused and ready. So, off I went by train then bus, with, miraculously, no travel disasters.

Pom pom French market basket. DIY.

5 March 2016

I've been lusting after a French market basket for oh so long. You know the ones you see ladened with baguettes and fresh produce propped in the bicycle basket just so. Well, now I have my own. But, not just any old French market basket. A pom pom adorned French market basket, no less. Ooh là là.

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