Pom pom French market basket. DIY.

5 March 2016

I've been lusting after a French market basket for oh so long. You know the ones you see ladened with baguettes and fresh produce propped in the bicycle basket just so. Well, now I have my own. But, not just any old French market basket. A pom pom adorned French market basket, no less. Ooh là là.

And best of all, it cost me $10. Yep, $10 … and a bit of wool from my stash.

Go on, do what I just did … Google "pom pom baskets for sale".

Saks Fifth Avenue $200+US!!

Okay, that was THE most expensive one, but did you find one for $10?? I didn't.

So, how did I do this?

Firstly, I was wandering around K Mart, as you do, and there beside the ladies' fitting rooms were French style market baskets.

Oooo, I thought. Wonder how much? And surprise, surprise, they were on special for … $10. Bargain.

And so my adventure into making a pom pom French market basket began.

Why do I need one?

Well, I hate plastic bags, with vengeance. Don't like what they do to our environment. Don't like how they seem to multiply in the cupboard and get out of control. They're nasty. Those few that I do collect go into my plastic bag holder and are later dropped in the Woolieworths plastic bag recycling bin (or sometimes used in my painting escapades).

When I shop, I try to always carry a Nanna-style shopping bag and politely tell all the cashiers, "Don't worry about the plastic bag, I'll just put it in my bag."
Groceries, clothing, Ralphie food … all go into my Nanna-style shopping bag or bags; sometimes I need more than one.
I'm just trying to do my little bit for the turtles and trees.

My current favourite bag, a gift from my lovely friend, has been a Trojan, but it's showing signs of age and I'm concerned it's about to lose its base.

So, home from K Mart I came with my naked French market basket.

$10 includes being fully lined. Amazing.

Pinterest is my go-to source of inspiration and, once again, it didn't let me down.

Via Pinterest
I started making pom poms from some wool in my stash.

Using the cheats' method, easier and quicker. Slightly different from the way my mother taught me.

Then I thought a couple of tassels wouldn't go astray.

And a looped and plaited braid to attach them to the handle.

I tied my poms poms together, then tied them onto my braid in just the right spot. Then attached my tassels in a similar fashion.

And I have a pom pom and tassel festooned French market basket.

Very chique.

And ready for its first foray into the outside world.

I've joined the ranks of Elle McPherson. Ooh là là.

Via Pinterest

Are you in need of a pom pom and tassel festooned market basket like Elle and me?
Start riffling through your yarn stash now.

Are you a plastic bag hater, turtle and tree lover?
Share your secret strategies with me.

Are you off to K Mart now?
I purchased my French market basket this week.

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