Canon 50mm f1.8 lens … I bought one.

27 February 2015

Canon 50mm f1.8 lens … after hearing about this magic lens for some time, I did some investigation … research … googling … over a period of time (Doesn't sound like me does it?) and, then, on a whim, almost, I went out and bought myself this little present. I'm not exactly sure how I perfect its magic yet, but I've been snapping everywhere and everyone.

Photography … Meet my neighbours.

24 February 2015

These happy families live at the end of my street. Each morning and afternoon they gather to munch some grass and no doubt share the day's tales. They're inquisitive, yet quite shy. The slightest disturbance will send them bounding to the safety of their near-by bush. 

Meet Matilda, the stick vacuum cleaner, Roger's soul mate.

20 February 2015

This is one of those I-must-be-a-slow-learner confessions. Nigh on two and a half years ago, my lovely neighbour lent me her sparkling new stick vacuum cleaner to play with for a couple of days. "It's fantastic," she said. "It makes the quick clean up sooo easy." So, I tried it and ... I did think it was fantastic, but … well, I'm always slow to … part with the funds.

Some cool places I've been this week on the inter-web.

17 February 2015

I thought I'd start to share with you, maybe twice a month, some of the weird and wonderful stuff I find on the weird and wonderful web, known by some as www. Who knows, you might think these random inter-web links are interesting too.

1. This little grain silo house is amazing. And they have a cat, so they must be nice people as well.

A Cat's Life … guest blogger, Ralph.

13 February 2015

Ralph, Ralphter, Ralphie call me any of these … apparently. 

Schmuggle and Little One also come into the realm of names to which I am meant to answer. But, I answer best to … "Biccies?" I LOVE biccies. They are my most favourite-est food in the universe. I don't know what the universe is, but I get the impression it's pretty big.

Q Station, Manly … Sydney's best kept secret.

6 February 2015

Last week I gave you a sneak peak at The Q Station from its private beach and my SUP adventure and, as promised, this week I'll take you on a little tour to make you sick with jealousy. Yes, you will be jealous, r e a l l y jealous. Green to the gills, as my father used to say.

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