Canon 50mm f1.8 lens … I bought one.

27 February 2015

Canon 50mm f1.8 lens … after hearing about this magic lens for some time, I did some investigation … research … googling … over a period of time (Doesn't sound like me does it?) and, then, on a whim, almost, I went out and bought myself this little present. I'm not exactly sure how I perfect its magic yet, but I've been snapping everywhere and everyone.

What's so special about it? Well, it's a prime lens, a lens that has no zoom. It just sits at 50mm all the time, but has its lowest f stop at 1.8. Lower than my 18-55mm will go. So, it can let in lots of light and create bokeh effects without me having to fiddle with all sorts of other settings.

So, with these photos I have done no editing. None. Zilch. Just straight of the camera … with the 50mm lens, of course. And, most of the time, this secret setting.

I really have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm hoping to learn by playing and more playing.

My favourite model, Ralphie. (Have you read his blog post?)

See the blurriness in the background and the crisp focus just on his paw, the lens did that, not me. Magic. 

Well, I pointed the little red dot where I wanted the focal point and the lens did the rest. Love it.

See that blurry blotchy light in the background, that's bokeh. Can't believe I captured it, just by snapping away.

This lens is also meant to be great for taking portraits because less noise … background stuff … can detract from the face.

So, my two friends became my guinea pigs during our Ikea shopping expedition.

Obviously, if I was really truly wanting to take portraits, I don't think I'd choose Ikea as the backdrop, but snap an animal in its natural setting ...

Happy little Ikea shoppers, aren't they?!?

And I've been happy-snapping around the house and the neighbourhood.

Playing around with where I place the little red focus dot.

Finding out what happens to the focal point and the background.

I'm finding it interesting.

It's certainly not the lens that I will use for e.v.e.r.y photo e.v.e.r.y day, but I like what I can do with it so far.

I have to get used to the no zoom. That's different.

I have to get used to being further away from the photo's subject.

But it certainly takes crisp, sharp snaps.

I'll have to make another padded lens cover that will fit both this one and my 18-55mm so I can swap them in and out.

And I have to get much better at Ikea shopping. This was our haul, but the majority of it does not belong to me. I lost the Ikea shopping challenge by a HUGE margin.

Maybe I'll do better at Ikea next time?

Do you have a 50mm lens?
What are your secrets to its use?

What is your favourite lens?
Share your lens secrets with me.

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