Coogee to Bondi walk … a family affair.

13 March 2015

The SMS from Number 2 says she's coming to Sydney for the weekend to visit Number 3 and what about a day out with them on Saturday. My nieces. My brother's daughters. Two of his three. 

A later SMS says the weather prediction is for sunshine and the walk from Coogee to Bondi is the plan. Yes! 

This walk is on my to-do list and a day with Number 2 and Number 3 is always fun. We've done some interesting things together … been swimming with snakes, unintentionally; scrambled down rocky hills in thongs because I said we wouldn't need our walking shoes (!); become disoriented, okay lost, in territory that should have been very familiar to me. How could I resist?

So I train from the west to the east. We breakfast and coffee in town then bus to Coogee.

I'm not sure what to expect. The only beaches I've been to here are Palm Beach and Manly. This is virgin beach territory for me.

The view from the bus stop. Oh yes.

At home, my real home, on the Gold Coast, I'm used to long stretches of beach that seemingly go on and on. These little coves seem quaint and remind me of British beaches frequented by smugglers and sea hardy scoundrels. But with much better weather. MUCH better weather.

We had planned to start our walk early before the heat gained its intensity but, well, the coffee was good and the breakfast delicious and I hadn't seen Number 2 for quite a while, so those plans went astray.

We pile on the sunscreen, Number 2 sends another SMS (It's the way of the world.) and begin the six kilometre journey.

Tucked at the far end of Coogee

we find Giles Baths.

Enclosed, crystal clear, inviting.

However, we are on a mission to get to Bondi. If we swim at every enticing spot, we could take quite some time.

We walk on past crumbling cliffs

and homes with million dollar views.

We ruminate on which would suit our needs should we suddenly find a lot of extra cash, or, in their case, an extremely rich husband.

Gordon's Bay. I like the boat storage. Different.

There are stairs to climb.

Stairs to admire.

Stairs to descend.

This dog obviously couldn't read the "No dogs" sign just out of shot off to his left.

We pause, admire the view and sip. It's hot work.

Another secluded bay.

And a cemetery on what would be a very expensive piece of land. Views to die for … sorry.

We saw a turtle here. Well, we think we did.

At the top of each headland, another spectacular view.

Bronte. Clear waves.

White sand.

Then Tamarama SLSC made famous by the Dulux campaign to paint all SLSCs around Australia.

Navy helicopters … maybe … most likely.

And then we glimpse our destination. Our prize. Bondi.

We by-pass the Icebergs' pool.

One day I'd like to do a few laps in it. Just to say I have.

And then we're in the thick of Bondi.

So much in the thick of it and so entranced by the beach that we fail to see the body approaching.

And, now we swim … with everyone else at Bondi … and the bream that I see as I dive beneath a wave. Why would a bream be in amongst us all in the flagged area? Bizarre.

I am still amazed by those who spend hours sun bathing.
Haven't they heard?
Do they think it won't happen to them?
Skin cancer.

But regardless, we loved our walk.
It is the lucky country.
No question.

Have you done this walk?
Seen the views?
Had a dip in the coves?

Know any other walks I need to add to my to-do list while I live in this city?

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