Merry Christmas.

24 December 2014

Aprons and greeters.

19 December 2014

It's the crazy time of year. Christmas, holidays, family. I've been to Far North Queensland and caught up with Miss Betty and, while I've been away, my aprons have been starting the revolution in Newcastle. It's apron mania in the coal city just to my north.

Photography … another week closer to Christmas.

9 December 2014

Not long now until the red-coated-bearded-one arrives. The everyday goes on, but excitement mounts. Life is busy, very busy. Gathering in outdoor cushions as the storms threaten. Sewing. Cooking. Snapping photos. Life's good.

It's hard to believe that these storms are so regular. EVERY afternoon. Black, threatening, loud. Yet, they continue to come.

Newcastle … a weekend away.

5 December 2014

Newcastle, just under three hours north of Sydney, was the destination. A city, I had heard, with a funky vibe and a rejuvenated heart. 

A weekend away. The ocean. Oh, how I miss the Pacific. 

Previously I had only driven through the outskirts of Newcastle on the way south to the bigger smoke. It had not been a destination before, but here we were, MLP and I, weekend-ing in Newcastle. We started at the ocean, because MLP knows how my heart bleeds to see the ocean. Our current abode means a morning walk on the beach is not even the remotest possibility. I have never lived, long term, so far from my sparkling Pacific.

Photography … another week in the life of me.

2 December 2014

Summer has started. The countdown to Christmas has begun. The afternoon storms are rolling and rumbling in. And life goes on in my little piece of this world.

The afternoon storms are regular. They rumble and crack and blow. Sometimes more ominous and destructive than others. Sometimes there's hail.

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