Photography … another week in the life of me.

2 December 2014

Summer has started. The countdown to Christmas has begun. The afternoon storms are rolling and rumbling in. And life goes on in my little piece of this world.

The afternoon storms are regular. They rumble and crack and blow. Sometimes more ominous and destructive than others. Sometimes there's hail.

Jamie came to the kitchen bench again this week. I like Jamie. His recipes work. His food tastes great. And there was wine to ensure the process ran smoothly.

There were flowers. Roses. Lovely yellow roses. A little tired around the edges now.

The new Christmas tree took up its position. Waiting for another 20 plus nights for the special delivery to be placed at its feet.

My Nanna's Christmas lights flick to their own tune. No set time schedule. Just whenever. I'm sure she'd be happy to know they're still flicking away.

If you squint your eyes up nice and tight, the tree looks magical.

And there's been a little more of this. Red this time. Coasters. For a red loving friend.

My little companion rests up from a day of guarding. Eyes often closed, but always vigilant, ready to protect.

And this pile of fabric awaits an email to determine if it will be turned into aprons to head off to Newcastle for sale. 

Another week in my part of the world.




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