Kakadu National Park: the beauty and the beast.

29 August 2015

Kakadu National Park, home of many aboriginal clan groups. Home of outstanding beauty and terrifying beasts. 

Darwin, a short break at Australia's Top End.

22 August 2015

"Darwin," MLP says. "Why don't we go to Darwin … and Kakadu … and Litchfield? What do you think?" He'd been away for work for a very long time and this was to celebrate his return. I'd been thinking somewhere closer, like the Southern Highlands, but the idea of warmth, maybe even heat, and the opportunity to swim made the decision easy. So, within a week, we are there. Darwin. The Top End. The Northern Territory. Crocodile country.

Home Hello House Clean Winner.

10 August 2015

Thanks to Home Hello I had a house clean to giveaway. Who wouldn't want their house cleaned for free by the lovely Home Hello angels?

Need your house cleaned for free? My cheapskate cleaning regime and my first ever giveaway.

7 August 2015

Some of us love a clean house; others can take it or leave it. Unfortunately, as a Virgo, I fall wholeheartedly into the first category. I love tidy. I love clean. I love organised. Sad, very sad. I'm more of a "Sad-ie", the cleaning lady, rather than a Sadie. (Go on, click on the link and sing-a-long for old times' sake.)

My biggest and best cleaning tip?


Yep, plain old water. Sometimes heated to steam. Mostly associated with a micro fibre cloth. I own lots of micro fibre cloths. Love them.

Don't want to leave streaks? Use a micro fibre cloth.

Don't want the dust recirculating? Use a micro fibre cloth.

Days for Girls … the loveliest group of women … helping women … across the world.

1 August 2015

Days for Girls Emu Plains July get together was the friendliest experience. Women helping women … across the world. I was a newbie … uninitiated, raw, delving into the abyss, but what a wonderful abyss filled with laughter, friendship, love and … pavlova. Mmmm, pavlova. How could you not be tempted to help out?

See these smiling faces; how could you not want to be involved in creating those beautiful smiles?

Photo thanks to Barbara Mitchell OAM

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