Misty morning madness.

26 June 2015

It's nearly 10am as I venture out to the pool for my twice weekly ritual. One kilometre, up and down, up and down. Meditative, soothing, relaxing. Zen for the body and mind.

But today is a little different. I am confronted by this.


19 June 2015

When death creeps by the door there is an emptiness that pervades, a sadness that overwhelms. 

This month's interesting bits from the inter-web.

5 June 2015

Narrowing down this month's list of cool web links to just five has been fun. There's so much amazingness out there in cyberspace, inter-web land. So, here is my list.

1. Have you come across Kid President? I had heard a little about how he'd interviewed Barack Obama, Adult President, but I hadn't seen any of his wisdom until very recently.  He's very cool. Have a watch of some of his wisdom here.

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