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5 June 2015

Narrowing down this month's list of cool web links to just five has been fun. There's so much amazingness out there in cyberspace, inter-web land. So, here is my list.

1. Have you come across Kid President? I had heard a little about how he'd interviewed Barack Obama, Adult President, but I hadn't seen any of his wisdom until very recently.  He's very cool. Have a watch of some of his wisdom here.

2. Tiny spaces, I seem to be obsessed with them. This one is particularly innovative, I think.

3. Another obsession of mine is my Ralphter whom you would have seen popping up in my Facebook and Instagram feeds. This short film by Simon Tofield captures cat antics, like his, to a tee.

4. Another short video to watch and I'm sure this will make you want to spend up on one of these klaylife chandeliers. I certainly would love to.

If you like, you can find out more about klaylife here

I just need to think where I could fit one of these beauties in my house because I would love to support these women and men.

5. A blog you might like to spend a little, or maybe a lot of time reading is Walk Among The Homes. I especially like the Brisbane Home Tours. Real homes for real people.

And, as is the norm to bring this to a close, a photo of mine. 

When a new Ikea opens just down the road, not just any Ikea, the second largest Ikea in NSW, then a girls' day out is compulsory. Not on opening day, that would have been madness, but a week after. And a mirror group photo to record the momentous occasion was also compulsory.

Did we have fun?

Did we have Swedish meatballs for lunch?

Did we buy up big?

I bought a $0.99 spatula. 
One of my companions spent $20; the other zero.

But, we did go home with lots of ideas and promises to return when decisions have been made.

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