19 June 2015

When death creeps by the door there is an emptiness that pervades, a sadness that overwhelms. 

Tears spring at the slightest memory, at the sight of a friend, at the sound of a comforting voice, at each reassuring touch.

Hollowness consumes.

Life is changed.
Values reconsidered, reassessed.

Sorrow is close, around each bend.

Life seems shallow, foreign.
Sunlight is dimmed, dull.

Living seems wrong, unfair, guilt ridden.

Grief sits like a ball at the centre of my being. Heavy, dark.

Tears come unexpectedly.

Memories churn.
Sleep, when it comes, brings relief.
Focus shifts.

The fugue dissipates slowly.

Life is cherished.
Each day is paramount. Each moment a treasure.

Breathe. Relax.

Rejoice in a life lived, a friendship shared.

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