House tour continued ... spare bedroom.

21 February 2014

We actually have four bedrooms in this house but only two are set up for sleeping. The others have been appropriated as an office (How could I blog without an office?) and a sewing room. Every girl needs a dedicated sewing room. Well ... I do. Room for all that fabric and thread and ribbon and ... stuff. 

It's my mother's fault. She introduced my sister and me to fabric at a very early age and from then we were hooked.

But, concentrate! Today is about the spare bedroom ... the guest bedroom, if you will. 

How to make a coffee bag covered notice board.

Step 1: Drink A LOT of coffee. 

Or ... if you're lucky like I was ... visit your local coffee roaster and drive home with your car boot full of coffee bags and a big smile on your face.

Where will all the detritus go?

14 February 2014

In the garage, of course. But, there's lots of it ... furniture, boxes, a bike, extra chairs, art work, a couple of still-full boxes, a day bed ... and two cars ... and there's no garden shed, like we had in the last house. The garage will have to be the go. This will require some Tetris-style organisation.

The beginnings of a house tour ... main bedroom and entry.

7 February 2014

You've seen the empty shell of the new house and you've been asking to see what it looks like with boxes unpacked and furniture in. Well ... let's take a sneak peek at a couple of spaces ... so far.

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