How to make a coffee bag covered notice board.

21 February 2014

Step 1: Drink A LOT of coffee. 

Or ... if you're lucky like I was ... visit your local coffee roaster and drive home with your car boot full of coffee bags and a big smile on your face.

I was inspired to make this notice board when I was strolling through Provincial Home Living where I spied this.

Did you ever play "I spy ... "?

Great game, but my siblings hated that my Nanna always helped me. They thought it was cheating. But, I was ... am the youngest and the youngest deserves help because ... well, just because.

MLP and I sometimes play "I spy ..." on long drives to pass the time, but he doesn't like how my rules change or the obscurity of the things I spy.

Anyhow, I quite liked this notice board but ... I'm not a total Francophile and I don't want to do the whole French thing. I have some Frenchy things which I really love, but this gave me other ideas.

The concept was appealing, very appealing.

I knew I had my coffee bags languishing in the sewing cupboard waiting to be reborn. And, I had a notice board given to me some time ago by my special friend to turn into an earring centre ... but I never seemed to make that happen. I was working and ... well, you know how it is.

A few other basic supplies and I could make my own notice board: a coffee bag notice board!

And, so, the mission began.

Supplies sorted: coffee bag, notice board, thin wadding, staple gun, twine, thumb tacks.

I covered the notice board with wadding, making sure there was enough to wrap around to the back.

Flipped it all over. Did some minor adjustment so the notice board was centred.

Stapled away. 

I started stapling at the centre top and then both top edges, then centre bottom, bottom edges, centre side and so on ... I'm sure you understand. I pulled the wadding a little to make it taut, but not tight.

Next the coffee bag. 

I cut mine as close as possible to the seams including the side crease, but, in hindsight, I should have cut beyond the side crease as I could have done with a little bit more fabric to staple. 

Don't you love hindsight?

I then ironed the bag and ... oohhh, the aroma. YUM!

And, just like the wadding, I placed the coffee bag on top of the notice board, tried to centre the coffee bag stencil on the board, flipped it over carefully and did the stapling thing again.

And it was starting to look fabulous, even though I had JUST enough fabric to cover the notice board.

Then it was time for the string and the thumb tacks.

I tried using the thumb tacks to hold the string in place but that was a fantastic failure. They just popped out; would not cooperate at all.

So, out came the staple gun again. I stapled a point dead centre in the board and then, on the centre line, a point half way between dead centre and the top and a point half way between dead centre and the bottom of the board.

I used these staples as a guide to start placing my twine on the board. I did some eye-balling and then some measuring.

When I was happy with the positioning I stapled away, securing the twine in place. Again keeping it taut but not tight.

When all the staples were in place, it looked like this.

Nearly there!

I then reached for the trusted hot glue gun and glued the thumb tacks into place.

And, after not very much time, I had a coffee bag notice board!

I can display my treasures and those things I don't want to lose ... or forget.

And my little angel with my name on her.

It's rare to find anything with the name Libby on it, so when I came across her many years ago I couldn't resist.

I love my notice board. I need to do a little fiddle with those wayward strings on the right and all will be well.

So, it is time to celebrate with the real thing,
in my new cup,
a house warming gift from MLP's sister. 

Looks just like something I would buy for myself. 

I have a tea cup and saucer AND a coffee cup. 

Spoilt, I know!

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