Where will all the detritus go?

14 February 2014

In the garage, of course. But, there's lots of it ... furniture, boxes, a bike, extra chairs, art work, a couple of still-full boxes, a day bed ... and two cars ... and there's no garden shed, like we had in the last house. The garage will have to be the go. This will require some Tetris-style organisation.

One of the issues of renting is knowing that all the precious stuff that won't squeeze into Mr Rental's house does fit into the house we will return to one day. The house we own. Our home.

But, for the moment, it doesn't fit. And it IS being kept for future use, not ebay-ed for current financial gain.

Conjugate the verb "to ebay". 

Today, I ebay. 
Yesterday, I ebay-ed. 
Tomorrow, I will ebay. 
I have been ebay-ing. 
I could ...
I might ...

How advances in technology confound the inner linguist!

However, back to the dilemma at hand: the left over stuff, the garage and efficient use of space.

This is where we started. On the back wall,

and, on the right,

Seemingly enough space, except the left wall is full and it's a smallish garage aannnddd it's impossible for passengers to alight from the PT Cruiser once he's in the garage unless they climb into the lawnmower's catcher, over the gas bottle and through the clothes' airer ...

AND MLP must drive in, 
leave the garage door open, 
to walk around the back of Millie Mazda, 
squeeze between PT and Millie, 
squeeze even tighter in front of PT to get to the door into the house,
then close the garage door. 
Not really an adequate arrangement.

So, something has to be done. A reconnoitre by me finds just what we need ... storage shelves ... at Masters. 

At the moment we're keeping the new Masters in our area in business, in very lucrative business. MLP believes they quickly call in extra staff the moment they see PT enter the car park. A lawn mower, whipper snipper, market umbrella, herbs, potting mix, pots ... and now storage shelves: Masters looovve us!

So, we clear out the spot where the shelves are to go. See all the stuff piled against the left side wall as well!

And begin the process of dealing with the flat pack ogre.

Lots of thinking 
and reading 
and looking 
and rethinking 
and rereading 
and looking again 
and lining up pieces on the floor
and putting together
and failing
and dismantling
and rereading
and having an ah-ha moment
and ... finally ... success!

It may look like MLP is clapping in this shot but he's not. He's happy that it's coming together but not happy enough for a clapping moment.

The shelves were actually easy to put together but, like always, when we haven't read flat pack for some time, it takes a while to come to grips with its grammar and phrasing.

But, the shelves are perfect: strong, sturdy, put together WITHOUT an Allen key!!, able to be dismantled when it's time to move, reasonably priced. 

They solve our storage problem.

See them, in the corner there, with all those goodies neatly piled right up to the roof. Now, that's efficient use of space! I know you're thinking it doesn't look any better than before BUT if you look to the right you would see this,

(We don't need space on the left hand side of the garage. Millie never carries passengers so her left side doors are never opened.)

and this,

Empty space! 

MLP can drive in, close the garage door, dismount from Milly, walk in front of PT and in through the door to the house. 

Yay! Half the problem solved.

If you now look to the right, you will see this,

Empty space again!

Passengers can now step out of PT and walk into the house. No climbing through the lawn mower catcher, over the gas bottle ... 

The other half of the problem solved!

What a team!
Flat pack,
And me.
And not an Allen key in sight!

There's still some room for improvement,
but the shelves are a good start.

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