Vivid, Sydney. A city lights up.

29 May 2015

I stumbled upon Sydney's Vivid a number of years ago, when, by chance, MLP and I were in the city for a weekend and there, outside our hotel room, was Vivid in all its amazingness. Vivid is now seven years old, growing, expanding and even more amazing. 

So, this year, when my friends said they were coming to Sydney for Vivid and would I like a night on the couch in their apartment so I could go playing with them in the lights, there was only one answer. Living in Sydney's extreme west and MLP sometimes away with work means nights in the city are rare. An apartment couch offer was very enticing, especially when it turned out to be a spare bed.

So, come see the lights … not all of them, just the ones around the Harbour and Circular Quay. I only had one night remember.

We began at Darling Harbour as the sun set and the city began its usual night lighting.

Then the Laser-Fountain Water Theatre began to show its beauty.

Just slowly at first…

And then an explosion of movement, music, light and flames.

We ventured on to the Star Casino in search of dinner and found this illuminated lounge space

and these colour-changing giants at the Sky Terrace.

A ferry ride from the Casino Wharf to Circular Quay gave us views of the Bridge.

And some interesting blurred effects.

The Bridge's pylons alight with ballet.

Luna Park and its surrounding shoreline.

The cityscape.

And the Museum of Contemporary Art whose lighted facade continued to change.

Behind Circular Quay Station, Customs House drew a huge crowd and many oohs and aahs as the light show unfolded.

And, of course, the Opera House, beautiful at any time of day and even more crowd pleasing as the lights raced across its sails.

This is just a spec on the map which is Vivid. It is "light, music, ideas".  It is in the city and beyond … not quite to infinity.

If you haven't had a Vivid experience, you must.

If you live in this city of culture, get on the Vivid adventure.

If you're planning a trip to Sydney, check Vivid dates and try to plan with them in mind.

There is so much more to Vivid than what I enjoyed in one night.

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