Finders Keepers Market, Sydney, 2015. I found and I kept.

15 May 2015

What is a Finders and Keepers Market? I didn't really know. I'd never been, never seen, but I had heard whispers and my expectations were high. So, off I went to find and keep.

Well, there are markets and there are M.A.R.K.E.T.S. and this was one of the latter. Huge. Amazing. Inspiring. Fuelled by the most talented people selling, showcasing their most wonderful arts and crafts. It was THE market of all markets.

In through these doors

under this little sign,

and I was ready to venture forth into the unknown.

Well, almost. First a coffee and a Portuguese tart to give me strength.

And then into the market hall with just a few other people,

but there was plenty of room and plenty of stalls, huge variety and everyone was in a happy place.

I formulated a plan of attack: up and down the aisles in an orderly manner, in true Virgo style. I didn't want to miss anything.

First to catch my eye were these cute stamped vintage spoons. Names of herbs, inspiring quotes, messages of love.

And then this

and this

and so much more.

Here comes an avalanche of wonder to feast your eyes upon.

Macrame is back. Trendy and revitalised after its mothballing at the end of the 70s. Who would have thought?

I was fixated here for quite some time. Beautiful letter pressed cards and tags.

And here … vintage caravan fabric, cushions, aprons. Who doesn't love a vintage caravan?

And chocolate wrapped in the most delightful papers.

What about a leather belt made to order as you watch?

A bow tie made by hand?

Or entertainment while you rest your weary feet?

Did I enjoy myself?

Oh yeah!

Did I buy a few bits and bobs?

Oh yeah!

Can you see them?

No. That would spoil a few birthday and Christmas surprises.

So, my advice, search Mr Google for a Finders and Keepers Market in your closest capital city, usually twice a year, and mark it on your calendar. Make a date with your BFF. Allocate at least a morning. Go with cash in hand or credit card at the ready.

Find and keep.

I did. And I loved it. I'm sure you will too.

Oh, no word from the toaster manufacturer
One reader suggested I try their Facebook page. 
That might be on my to-do list this weekend.

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