Days for Girls … the loveliest group of women … helping women … across the world.

1 August 2015

Days for Girls Emu Plains July get together was the friendliest experience. Women helping women … across the world. I was a newbie … uninitiated, raw, delving into the abyss, but what a wonderful abyss filled with laughter, friendship, love and … pavlova. Mmmm, pavlova. How could you not be tempted to help out?

See these smiling faces; how could you not want to be involved in creating those beautiful smiles?

Photo thanks to Barbara Mitchell OAM

I first came across Days for Girls in 2013 when I was flipping through a Spotlight get creative magazine and then, for some reason, the project caught my eye again recently. Main difference, this time I acted. I asked Mr Google and he told me the details here and he helped me find my local team/chapter here. I made contact and I joined in for the July get together.

Photo thanks to Barbara Mitchell OAM.

So what is Days for Girls? I hear you ask.

It's women helping women in third world countries and remote aboriginal communities improve their education in the most unusual way.

Did you know that many girls cannot attend school when they are menstruating because they have no access to sanitary supplies or they simply cannot afford them? In one year, girls can miss up to two months schooling. Calculate that over their educational life and it's a lot of missed school. Too much missed school.

Days for Girls solves this problem by supplying washable and reusable sanitary supplies so girls can go to school every day of every month. How simple is that. How excellent is that.

What does a pack look like?

It's bright and colourful,

with instructions,

eight washable and reusable sanitary pads, two holders that clip neatly around the three sweet pairs of undies included,

plus soap, a washer, plastic bag for soiled items and a bright and colourful carry bag.

One pack should last a girl for a year.

No school lost because of menstruating for one year. Simple. Excellent.

So, what was my first day like?

As you know, I love to sew. Hence, with my overlocker in hand and a little nervousness in my stomach, I knocked on the door and entered the abyss. I was first to arrive. Yikes! But I was greeted like a long lost friend, offered coffee, tea, biscuits. I was welcomed into the throng … which quickly started growing in number. A throng ready to participate in whatever way they could.

Snipping and folding.




Sorting and folding.

Measuring and cutting.

Snipping and turning.

Adding coloured snaps.

Sealing ribbons.

Threading ribbons.

And the final production line of packing.

But, the most prestigious job of all … one which requires specific qualifications to master … squishing the air out of the final package to allow efficient boxing.

Qualifications needed … boobs … large enough boobs for air squishing.

A very coveted position. Some recognised their lack of qualifications, but smiled on regardless.

It was a day filled with fabric

and colour

coffee, tea, snacks, lunch and, the aforementioned pavlova.


Seventy-one kits done and dusted in one day. Seventy-one women who will be assisted to gain a better education. A great day's work … if you could call it work. A great day's fun.

The Emu Plains chapter of Days for Girls led by Barbara Mitchell OAM

                                                       Photo thanks to
                                                      Barbara Mitchell OAM

and Dr Margaret Buckham

is an extension project of Aussi Bangala Smile (Click on the link and see the amazing work they do). Both groups work to improve the lives of children in poverty stricken Bangladesh.

The women from Emu Plains Women's Correctional Centre also help out with the sewing of kits.

It's an amazing conglomeration of women

… helping women

… across the world.

Photo thanks to Barbara Mitchell OAM

Photo thanks to Barbara Mitchell OAM

Photo thanks to Barbara Mitchell OAM

Photo thanks to Barbara Mitchell OAM
Emu Plains chapter of Days for Girls meets once a month. Not very much time to give up to help others and have some fun, meet some new friends. No pressure, just turn up on the get together days whenever you can; once a month or once every couple of months or whenever. Everyone's welcome. There's a job to suit your skills … or boobs.

So, will you join the tribe?
Find your local team/chapter?

No matter where you are in the world,
there will be a Days for Girls near you
helping women somewhere in the world.

Have you got a little time to spare

to join women …

helping women …

across the world?

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