This month's inter-web interesting bits.

24 July 2015

This month's inter-web update is probably a little late. It's been a busy month. So let's get underway.

1. Something to put on your Christmas wish list or to buy for your significant other. 

Watch this little video.

I fell in love with Naja's ethos, "Underwear for hope … When you educate a woman, everything changes." How could we not want to buy this underwear? Cool underwear made by single mothers from underprivileged areas.

Have a browse of these collections. Found a favourite? I think this might be mine.

2. Ever left anything behind at the airport? Know how disappointing, frustrating, annoying that can be?

If this video doesn't melt your heart and make you smile, nothing will.

Awww. Isn't he just adorable?

3. Last year when MLP, my brother and I travelled to Paris and London, we used airbnb for our accommodation, but I didn't find anything as amazing as this when I was searching. Muffin Mansion really must take the cake (sorry!) for cute and retro airbnb accommodation.

Did you browse through the photo gallery at the bottom of the page?

I think I want to stay in Muffin Mansion … one day.

4. Are you guilty of singing along to your favourites while cruising the highways or dawdling in traffic?

TJ Smith sends road rage into oblivion with his crowd pleasing renditions. Build Me Up Buttercup anyone??

I know you sang along. Impossible not to.

5. The idea of renovating and living in a church, chapel or old school house really appeals to me. This little church and its lovely inhabitants have lived my dream.

What about that outdoor bath … Yes, please.

And to conclude, as usual, one of my photos … from a tour of the Sydney Opera House my brother and I took recently.

A slightly different view from the norm.

Sydney really is the most beautiful harbour city, don't you think?

So, which of this month's inter-web links was your favourite?

Which made you smile?

Pulled at your heart strings?

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