Tee Pee making … again.

17 July 2015

I love to make Tee Pees, as you know. So when my Ralphie-minding-tweenage neighbour's birthday was approaching, it seemed like the thing to do. A Tee Pee for a Princess; her mum and dad's Princess.

If you haven't made a Tee Pee, they're really not all that difficult. If you remember I made them for my grand-nieces and grand-nephew two Christmases ago. You can read about that sewing adventure here.
That blog post gives you the link to a fantastic tutorial that I used as my guide while I sewed Tee Pees numero uno and due and a few hints of what I discovered in that first sewing adventure. (And which I used to jog my memory before I began this time.)

I strongly suggest you read all of them before you begin.

So, I hear you ask, why write another post about Tee Pee making?
Well, I made a few changes to my process, things I didn't think to mention last time, things I tweaked a tad this time and thought needed to be shared with you.

So, in making Tee Pee numero tre, here are my hints, bits of brilliance, deep knowledge.

Like last time, I used a single quilt cover. This time from K Mart. A much cheaper option than buying metres of fabric.


Use the width of the single quilt cover as the height of your Tee Pee pieces. 

I found it to be a fraction shorter than the pattern in my previous post suggested, but not enough to be concerned about. Keep in mind, it's a Tee Pee, not a wedding dress.

As in the photo, I folded the edge of the quilt cover until I had half the width of my Tee Pee piece, then, using a couple of rulers, I drew up my first pattern piece and snipped away.

I then used that first piece as my pattern for four more pieces and snipped away.

I like my front piece to have a join down the middle. I think it ends up looking neater and it's easier to add the binding.

So, I folded my pattern piece in half, added a seam allowance on the straight side and snipped out two front panel pieces. I overlocked the straight sides then stitched them together from the top down about 40cm.


Turn and sew a small hem at the top of each piece BEFORE you begin sewing the side seams. This makes for a much neater finish.

I created my binding for the front panel opening from 6cm wide pieces I cut from my remaining quilt cover fabric.

I didn't worry about trying to make bias binding, I just cut straight pieces because I was going to lay it on top of the front edge not wrap it around as I would with bias binding. It's not a wedding dress … remember.

Don't forget to add in the ties before you stitch the binding on.

Then the fun part sewing all the seams together. I used my four thread overlocker as it saves a lot of time.


Sew a hem around the bottom BEFORE you create the pocket for the poles. Again it makes a neater finish, I think.

Don't forget to close off the bottom of the pole pockets (like I forgot last time), this makes the Tee Pee sit snug to the floor.

I made a couple of flags for the top of the poles and …

I have a Tee Pee (and only scraps of my single quilt cover remaining).

Fit for a Princess's birthday.

With flags on top.

And a view to the sky.

Surely there's a small person in your family who needs a Tee Pee.

Are you brave enough to have a try at making one?

I still think I need one to while away some quiet time.

Can you imagine yourself relaxing in Tee Pee, wine and book close by?

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