Cattai National Park, NSW, so much serenity.

3 July 2015

Cattai National Park, in Sydney's west, New South Wales. In the words of Darryl Kerrigan of The Castle … How's the serenity? So much serenity.

As my visiting brother and I venture for a day out with nature, almost on my doorstep, we find this, Cattai National Park. Us and one other couple, who have pitched their tent, share this space.

And this view of the Hawkesbury.

Just us.

Oh, and a few of these.

Some lazing.

Some watchful and wary.

Some too sleepy to bother.

Some with babies on board.

So much serenity.

Acres of serenity.

And just us.

There's also some of these.

Australian Wood ducks.

Grey butcher birds.

Willy wagtails.

There's steps and a wharf to commune with the river.

And shelter sheds to book for your picnic or party or just to use on a quiet day like today. There's BBQs for creating culinary delights. And serenity.

So much serenity.

Did I mention these? There's a few of them around.

And a crumbling homestead on the hill.

With slab style sheds.

Teetering tanks.

And the remnants of a cottage garden once tended, I would imagine, by the lady of the house.

I knew she wanted me to take a small bunch of jonquils home. She wouldn't have wanted them to wither un-cherished.

Their perfume in my kitchen is so lovely.

Thank you, lady of the homestead. I would love to restore your homestead and garden.

I know Darryl … My brother, he told me … I'm dreamin'. But what a wonderful dream.

Cattai National Park. How's the serenity? So much serenity.

I'll definitely be coming back.

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