Photography … another week closer to Christmas.

9 December 2014

Not long now until the red-coated-bearded-one arrives. The everyday goes on, but excitement mounts. Life is busy, very busy. Gathering in outdoor cushions as the storms threaten. Sewing. Cooking. Snapping photos. Life's good.

It's hard to believe that these storms are so regular. EVERY afternoon. Black, threatening, loud. Yet, they continue to come.

Yesterday, one even came at lunch time. Obviously, its clock was out of sync.

And with them drenching rain and the odd bits of hail. So predictable. Quick moving. Heading into the city where they sometimes become even more destructive.

But the rain brings growth in the simplest ways. Seeds on grasses.

Flowers (and bees) on native bushes.

This week, I've been sewing.

Lots. And lots … of aprons heading north for sale in Newcastle at Alie Jane.

My niece came to visit. Together, we made slice. Apricot jam and coconut slice. Yum.

And went for walks to see the Christmas lights … next door.

I've been crocheting too. In black this time.

But my little companion is bored.

This is his "Please get off the computer mum; I'm sooooo bored" pose.

What's the weather like at your place?

Have you started the countdown to Christmas?

Are you excited, waiting for the red-coated-bearded-one?

There'll be no blog post from me this Friday.


I'll be in Far North Queensland visiting Miss Betty before Christmas arrives.

Remember Miss Betty? You can read about visiting her here, here, here and here.

But I'll be back next Tuesday with FNQ photos.

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