Middle Head, Sydney: some history, a bush walk and views worth millions.

20 March 2016

Middle Head is a looong way from our current abode in Sydney's far west. It's in the harbour, almost directly opposite The Heads, North Head and South Head. The ones that form the harbour's mouth. The ones that Cook sailed passed and that Governor Phillip rowed a long boat through to found this nation and this magnificent city. Well, his lackies rowed; I'm sure he did not one single iota of rowing. 

So, how do I come to be here, so far from Sydney's west?

MLP knows I miss the ocean, the salt air, the sound of waves, so, at times, he takes me on adventures just so I can be near the sea, fill my lungs with salt air and free my soul. Today, our adventure takes us to Middle Head.

Imagine the view from this spot on Boxing Day when the yachts begin their journey south to Hobart. Perfect.

But, for us, our view is The Heads and the Manly Ferry going about its daily toil,

sailing boats and

the cutest lighthouse at Grotto Point.

MLP and I have this dream of doing a lighthouse tour of Australia. Can you imagine? Remote headlands, raging winds, crashing waves … fun. Well, I think it would be fun. I have a thing about lighthouses; don't know why. I find them fascinating.

But, focus, Middle Head and its history ...

Back in the day, Middle Head was a very busy spot. Soldiers, guns, training, surveillance … making sure nothing came through those Heads, particularly those pesky Frenchies. Apparently, they were a threat in the early 1800s. Who would have thought?

Remnants of gun emplacements are scattered across the headland.

Runways and

tunnels disappear from view.

And there's the beauty of our native bush.

Grevilleas and

flannel flowers and

fuchsia heath and

boronia and

some I can't identify.

Australian bush flowers making a show.

There are remnants of gun carriers in surprisingly good condition.

Iron doors open to reveal once used storage areas.

Middle Head has a sordid secret too.

You have to love Defence Force terminology … "Code of Conduct" = torture resistance training!?!

But who is guarding Middle Head against invasion today?

These handsome men.

And this poor welcome swallow who was having a seriously bad hair day.

From Middle Head, we ventured to Balmoral Beach for lunch. That was a learning experience in the cost of living in Sydney.

$9 an hour for parking!! $9, unbelievable. At a small family beach. How could a family spend a day at the beach? Have a picnic? Walk the beach?

I don't think so Tim.

So, we parked a little further away from the beachfront, wandered down for our lunch and enjoyed the view.

Sadly, it was rainy and overcast, not the best beach day, but enough to quell my sea salt thirst for a wee while.

Have you visited Middle Head and seen that view?

Do you have a need to touch base with the ocean on a regular basis, like me?

What's the most you've paid for parking?
I've seen some expensive parking here in Sydney.

Are you a pharologist, one enthused by lighthouses?
I had not heard the word until I asked Mr Google. He knows so much.

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