Home, a sense of being.

6 April 2016

Easter is one of those times of the year for friendship and sharing. This year, MLP and I went home for Easter. Our real home. The Gold Coast. Stayed with friends. Shared food and wine and all things Easter. Home … ahhhh.

Living away from home is a lifestyle I didn't appreciate until it became our norm. MLP living his dream made it an easy choice. New adventures, new towns, new friends, new challenges. I always knew there was a finite end. A time in the not-too-distant-future when we would return "home".

For others, this is not the case. "Home" can change every three or so years. Not long enough to set down roots, to develop deep friendships, to settle into your heart.

So, I suppose I'm saying I now understand. I understand that little empty space inside, that need, that tiny ache. Home … more than just a word or a place, more a sense of being.

For me it's a sense of being with the sea. The Pacific with waves, warm water, sand between the toes. Ahhh.

Being with friends. Sharing a breakfast view like this.

Or a morning cuppa view like this.

Being with family, caretakers of our home (the one we will return to later this year) over there on the far side of the lake, and soon-to-be-parents of MLP's first grandchild who will arrive in a few months' time.

And it was Easter so the moon was on the water. Ahhh.

Being with my pineapple-loving friend, her family and their Easter traditions.

Of cookies.

Of pysanka, decorative Ukrainian eggs, passed down through the generations.

Of baskets filled with eggs, traditionally coloured red to ward off negativity, and tarts to share.

Being with friends of friends who love unconditionally.

And who focus, then roll so well for a treat.

Being able to help friends … transform tired chair covers

into tropical beauties (There's always sewing involved on a trip home.)

to match the environment. (Yes, we did finish all eight chairs.)

Being able to share more breakfasts with more amazing views.

And to go to markets and wander and share coffee and treats.

Home. That sense of being … where you're meant to be, where your heart feels settled, where there is friendship and community. Ahhh.

Read more about my home here.

Where is "home" for you?

What makes you gain that sense of being?

What are the Easter traditions you share with your family and friends?

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