Preparations for going "home" with Frontline Plus ... Guest blogger, Ralphie.

12 August 2016

Hi again everyone. It's me ... Ralphie ... again. I'm so excited because it seems I ... me, little ol' me ... I have followers! How exciting is that. People who read mum's blog who want to hear from me, who follow me, via mum, on FaceBook and Instagram! Who would have thought! Some of them even send me presents ... more about that later. Anyways, I've been told we're going "home", apparently ... at the end of the year, apparently. And I have to get ready, apparently.

I'm not sure that I remember "home".  I've lived in a few places in my twelve years. Well, nearly twelve years. It's my birthday on October 15, just in case you're interested.

I first lived on the streets with my cat mummy. I was named "Rob" then. Next, I moved to The Animal Welfare League Sanctuary where there were LOTS of other kittens and l o U D dogs.

Eventually, mum and dad came to visit and took me home ... after I pestered mum to "Pick me! Pick ME!! PICK ME!!!" Since then, we've moved four times. FOUR! So, this move, at the end of the year, to "home" will be five. FIVE! I've had a busy twelve-nearly years.

On the day that I turned ten, I had a birthday cake and candles, ten candles, because Aunty Kathy and Uncle Ken were visiting so we ... they ... celebrated.

I didn't get any cake. Apparently it's not cat food. It's human food, apparently. And I don't eat human food E.V.E.R. Don't think I'll get cake this year ... unless some of you would like to come and visit. Mum seems to make cake if there are visitors.

Anyways, soon I'll be twelve and soon I'll be going "home".

This is a big thing. A thing that must be prepared for, so mum says.

I get to fly "home". I've flown before, not that it's my favourite thing, but I have been a bit of a jet setter. I know about flying.

I'm not crazy about the cagey thing I have to go in. When I get in it I'm usually going to the Vet to be prodded and jabbed and when they take my temperature EEEWWW! I mean she's a nice Vet, but really!?!

On the rare occasion, the cagey thing takes me in a van to the airport where I get flown to a "new place", or in this case, to "home". It seems that after the flight I have to stay with other cats until mum and dad come to pick me up.

Yes, I have to spend some time sharing with other cats. How rude!

I've had to share with other cats a couple of times before. Most of them are okay. Sometimes there's the odd snooty one with something called a pedi-something. Pedi-gee? Pedigree? I'm not sure. Anyways, it's something I don't have. One time there was a pair of cats who had no fur. None. Zilch. N.A.K.E.D! They were really friendly, but geez they looked weird.

Anyways, worst of all about sharing with other cats is some of them have things called "fleas". Mum's been talking to me about fleas and from what she's said they are P.U.K.E.Y!

Mum said that fleas live on cats and bite and suck blood and breed. YUUUCCK!

Mum said one flea, one tiny flea (They're tiny, apparently.) can lay 5000 eggs.

When she showed me this picture they didn't look tiny,

but she assures me they are.

AND, do you know where they lay these 5000 eggs? On cats! On me! ERRRRKKKK!

(Let's not discuss what baby fleas eat. It's disgusting.)

AND, not only that, one tiny flea can live for around 100 days, BUT they can live up to a year and a half! Mum said.

Can you imagine how many little fleas they could make in that time?!? I could have a gazillion, million, billion fleas biting me, sucking my blood, breeding on me. Oh, no, no, no, No, NO, that's NOT going to be happening. Not on this ginger cat. I'd never be able to get my beauty sleep.

And, at the end of my flight "home", mum expects me to spend some time with other cats some of whom might have fleas. OMG!

Anyways, seems a superhero has come to my rescue. The lovely people from Frontline Plus read some of my guest blogger posts and loved me (of course) and thought I could use some of their flea protection so that I won't get fleas. How good is that! Perfect timing with me moving "home" and summer on the way. Summer is fleas' favourite season, apparently. They breed even faster in summer. ERRK.

So, no flea is going to be biting me, sucking my blood, breeding on me. No gazillion, million, billion fleas on me. I am going to be flea free. And, even if some of those pedi-whatever cats have fleas when I have to share with them, I won't get their pedi-whatever fleas.

I'll be Frontline Plus flea free!! What a relief.

Mum just has to put it on the back of my neck once a month, apparently, and the fleas can't get me.

HA HA fleas! I win! No fleas for me.

Anyways, if you have a fabulous feline friend, like me, or even a dog friend (Some people like dogs, apparently.), can you make sure you get some Frontline Plus to protect them too. Even though I don't like dogs, I think I hate fleas more.

And, there's also something called ticks, apparently. Now they are really naarrrsssty. They can kill, as in kill d e A D! Frontline Plus, get it for your furry friends.

If you haven't read my other guest blogger posts, you can read them here and here.

Thanks so much Frontline Plus for reading my guest blogger posts and sending me presents.

I'd love to hear your flea or tick stories?
I need to learn as much as I can about them before I go "home" and summer is here.

I'd love to hear about your furry friends,
even if they happen to be dogs.

Is there anything else I need to know before I head off on my journey "home"?

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