A shed + two men + one woman + a dog = Happiness.

13 November 2015

A shed, a simple shed creates a life about family and friendship and fulfilment. Add in a dog, a faithful, ageing beauty who is constant, loving, loved and life is complete. Happy and complete.

She loves the shed, so does her dad, her mum and her uncle.

A dream of a fishing shack, a hideaway, has come to fruition. A shed to be shared with family and friends. A shed to realise the dream of a huge catch of barramundi and grunter and whiting and maybe even the odd trip out to the nearby islands for a few reef fish. These four shed owners could not want for more.

Every shed deserves its own mini-me

and a pumpkin patch to begin the veggie garden

and a neighbourly Forest Kingfisher on the wire.

Surroundings akin to paradise.

Island views from an empty beach front …

except for the odd oyster catcher

and a pair of curlews hiding in the nearby bush.

Cane fields close by with mill smoke stacks

and cane locos

and signs

remind me of the sights, smells and sounds of my childhood.

On the edge of the cane fields, in a waterhole, a jabiru, Australia's only stork,

seems to have taken up temporary residence.

Community values of respect and trust.

A church long past giving succour to its congregation,

yet someone still lovingly tends its gardens.

In its yard, orchids flourish in a ubiquitous frangipani tree

and a bike waits unrestrained for its young owner's return on the afternoon school bus.

There are the rivers … for sunset fishing

and bird watching expeditions.

Black kites … I think.

Cattle egrets in their orange mating attire.

The rivers reveal too the beauty of nature in the tropics.

Basket ferns and elkhorns.



Cannon ball mangroves … which I can't remember seeing before.

We had some minor mishaps requiring rapid bailing,

but the shed is a happy place.

Happy men, the fishing guru almost-in-law and the bird-watching brother.

Happy woman, the older and wiser sister.

Happy dog, the furry niece whose allowed on the bed when I visit.

Life couldn't be much better.

And, if you've been following me on Instagram, you'll recognise the shed's new rug.

Any shed has to have a few creature comforts.

Do you have a little simple haven, a getaway that brings you happiness?
What are the simple things that bring you pleasure?
Do the tropics pull at your heart strings just a little?

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