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22 November 2015

It's been quite a while since I've shared my inter-web adventures. It's not that I haven't been wandering, just that life's been busy. So, here are some cool inter-web sites that I thought you might like.

1. I'm a bit of a home stylist stalker. I love seeing what professional stylists do and learning their tricks. One stylist I particularly love to follow is Emily Henderson. I like her quirky nature and her ability to produce rooms that don't look "styled". 

I have also watched the videos from a TV Series she made a while ago, Secrets of a StylistI follow her on Instagram too. See …  I'm a true stalker.
Thought some of you might like her too.

2. By now you must know I'm fascinated by tiny houses and the Tiny House Movement. I found a New Zealand TV Series, Living Big in a Tiny House which had some interesting tiny houses. My absolute favourite was this sweet green house that, one year on, has evolved and is now home to three.

3. If there are little people in your family and you're looking for something beautiful, handmade and perfect for them for Christmas have a wander through Kitschy Honey Bees' amazing Etsy shop. Meaghan crochets the most beautiful toys, fruit, macarons … Yes, macarons!

You can follow Meaghan on Instagram too. I do.

4. My blog pick this time is Baby Mac. Beth lives in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales and shares her life stories, recipes, rants, baby photos with us. When you meet her new baby Maggie, beware, she will steal your heart.

Beth is a blogger who tells it as it is. No gloss, just real life.

5. Finally, if you're into amazingly stunning tropical style art, you must have at look at Tracey Knowland's work. Tracey lives in Brooklet at the back of the Byron Bay area and her art is inspired by all things tropical.

The piece below, named Abundance, is a favourite of mine.

Puts me in a summery, holiday mood.

And, as usual, to finish off, one of my photos. One of the many lotus flower shots I took in Ubud.

As a lotus flower is born in water, grows in water and rises out of water to stand above it unsoiled, so I, born in the world, raised in the world having overcome the world, live unsoiled by the world.                           Buddha.

Hope my inter-web links bring a little joy to your world.
If you're new and want to do some more wandering around sites I think are cool,
click here.

Let me know which ones you like the most.

Share with me any inter-web spots I need to wander around in.

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