Faces of Bali: People watching, a pastime I love to practise.

24 October 2015

One of the joys of travel is people watching. Becoming mesmerised by the everyday faces of the people … going about their everyday lives, doing everyday things … in ways so different from my own. I'm intrigued by the eyes, the smiles, the lines of life. The portraits created. 

The faces of innocence.

The shyness of school boys.

Teenage beauties.

Men …
A man without a moustache is like tea without sugar … English saying.

Men at work … offering finger-pointing, sage advice to underage riders.

Directing drivers into parking spaces with a whistle,

then stopping traffic to assist a beauty to cross the chaotic street.

Keeping a vigilant eye over school students waiting for their home bound transport.

Serving me lunch.

Munching on snacks.

At the temple, happy to pose.


Women carrying offerings to the temple.

Followed by men with more offerings.

And the Gamelan orchestra.

Women at work.

Hard, back-breaking work.

My favourites … the complex faces of longevity.
Age should not have its faced lifted, but it should rather teach the world to admire wrinkles as the etchings of experience and the firm line of character … Clarence Day Jr. 

And, finally, the face of an older and wiser tourist, my sister, waiting for her lunch.

Twirling her hair like I remember from childhood.

Are you a people watcher?

A portrait taker?

Fascinated by life and people elsewhere?

All photos were taken with my trusty old Canon EOS 1000D and its new Tamron 16-300mm lens.

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