DIY with painters' drop sheets.

10 April 2015

Painters' drop sheets? Yes, you know those big pieces of fabric painters use to stop any drips messing up the floors and furniture as they paint. I have read about people using them to make curtains, tablecloths, upholster furniture. You name it, someone has used a painters' drop sheet to do it. Well … almost.

Why? Well, because they're huge and they look almost like linen ... Almost. And they're cheap. 

So, what did I use them for? To solve one of the challenges of renting. If you've rented at some time in your life, and who hasn't, you'll know that it comes with its challenges. Sometimes a few. Sometimes many. 

For MLP and I, renting is by-product of a career that sends him around the country to work. Our current house is brand new. We're its first tenants, and, like most investment properties, it has its limitations. Limitations on which I am not prepared to spend a lot of money.

One issue I've struggled with is countering the effect of the afternoon sun blaring in through the laundry door and into the kitchen. So much so that the laundry door has to be closed and the blind drawn in the afternoon otherwise the laundry and kitchen become unbearably oven-like . And, no, I can't just close the blind and leave the door open because then I get the clack, clack, clack of the blind in the breeze against the open door. The breeze would be good, but not the clackety clacking. Drives me nuts.

Then there's the afternoon sun blasting in on the outside sitting area. Hot. In your eyes. Uncomfortable. And the rain on the outdoor furniture. Not good long term.

So, what to do?

Initially a lot of thinking. A LOT. Many months in fact.

And then a solution … using painters' drop sheets. Drip proof painters' drop sheets. Plastic coated on one side. Some dowel, hooks and wire. Magic.

This is my solution!

Little awnings. Shade sails if you like. Drip proof painters' drop sheet awnings. Attached to the eaves and the fence. Plastic coated side up, linen-look side down.

Simple. Cheap. Effective. Shower proof. Magic.

And a little further down you can see the one outside the laundry door.

No more unbearable oven-like laundry. Yay!

Of course it involved a little sewing and a trip to my local Bunnings for a few supplies, but, for very little cost, I have solved one of my rental challenges.

But wait, I hadn't used all my drop sheet material and I had a thought, solve another problem … the pizza oven, amazing Christmas gift from visiting friends, needs a cover, a shower proof cover. So, back to the drawing board and a little concept is produced.

You can see how detailed I get with my concept drawings. And, yes, I'm old style, still prefer to work in inches.

A bit of cutting.

And a bit of sewing and I have a custom cover for the pizza oven. Bespoke, if you prefer. 

So, I have joined the clan of painters' drop sheet aficionados. And … I still have some fabric left from my one huge drop sheet … I have no idea what I will use it for, but I'm sure one day it will solve another problem.

Used painters' drop sheets for anything lately?

Think you might be able to use them to solve any lingering to-dos or rental challenges?

I'm a convert. 

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