Some cool inter-web sites for you to visit over Easter.

3 April 2015

I'm still finding things that I think are amazing out there in inter-web land. We live in a time of information and communication overload, don't you think? So, where am I leading you to this week?

1. Magnolia Homes, a place where broken down houses … fixer uppers … are turned into dream homes.

Chip and Joanna together seem to have a magic formula. See how they transform this house and have a look through their own farmhouse. Or, even better, if you prefer watch them at work on you tube.

2. If you love underwater photography, Matt Shepherd's work is awe inspiring.

Have a wander around his portfolio and visit his shop to find some fabulousness for your walls. You can also follow Matt, his photos and travels on Instagram.

3. Have you seen SketchShe in a action? They describe themselves as
"Female comedy trio with a cheeky and brazen mixed bag of sketches, characters and pics to tickle your funny bone. No place for bitchy resting face."

Watch their latest video where they take us on a musical history tour.

4. My tiny house of the week is Ron's tiny house. A little bit Art Deco on the outside and small and compact on the inside. Sweet.

5. Finally, my blog of the week is Naomi Loves. Naomi specialises in snail mail … hand written letters sent through the post, the old-fashioned way … but her snail mail is something extraordinary. Her snail mail is art.

To have a beauty like this arrive in your letter box and bring a smile to your face and your postie's just subscribe to her blog. Easy as that. Naomi also blogs about DIY and shares stories of her beautiful family. I'm sure you'll like her.

And, as has become tradition, one of my photos to finish off the fun.

When I visited Poppy Park recently, this was in the car park. 

Oh, be still my beating heart. How gorgeous is she! I would love to own something like her. One day … maybe … one day.

So, I hope you enjoy this week's web hopping experience.
Hopping … Easter … get it?

Hope the bunny hops your way on Sunday.
Quit sugar next week … maybe.

I'd love to know any fantastic sites you have found that you think I need to share.

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