Sydney. A day in town.

17 April 2015

I'm not a city kind of girl. I'm more the smaller beachside town kind ...  with good coffee and a little bit of quirkiness. Cities, major cities, confront and consume. Their busyness and their noise overwhelm me. Their art, culture and architecture redeem them and tempt me. A day in town with a visitor is enjoyable ... and enough. 

Today, we were on a mission, a lunch mission, with a friend from times of being single.  But first coffee, at the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place to show support and respect. 

Lindt mocha. Oh my goodness! Heavenly bliss.

Then lunch and time to wander and take in the cityscape, the shop fronts, the contrasts of old and new that tell the story of a city's growth. 

Cities are living beings. Drawing life from suits and high heels and buskers and beggars.

Living beings of extreme contrasts, anomalies.

Their hearts beat of business and finance and merchandising.

 Traffic and pedestrians flood their veins. 

I love my odd day in town, but I'm glad to board the train for the journey home

 ... not to a quirky seaside village, but to an outer western suburb; home for the time being. A little calmer, quieter, slower than the city to its east, but far, too far, from the beach and lacking quirkiness. But home for now.

Which are you? 
A city kind?
A country kind?
A smaller seaside beachside kind?
Where does your soul feel most at home?

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