Stand Up Paddle boarding … I DID it!

30 January 2015

Yep, just two weeks ago I was blogging about my New Year's resolutions and here I am already ticking one off the list. How good am I? 

MLP and I took ourselves back to Manly for another short break away. I know you're thinking we're always taking short breaks, but there are reasons which I'll get to soon … and, anyway, there they were …  Stand Up Paddle boards … SUPs to those of us who are part of the inner circle … apparently … for hire.

And there I was, initially on my knees, paddling in amongst million dollar, even multi-million dollar yachts on Sydney Harbour. A dream come true.

Being on the knees was E.A.S.Y. But hard on my knees.

Standing up? Well, that took a little time. Not a lot of time. Just a little time.

I had about six very indelicate nose dives off the board in front of everyone on our little private beach. Yes, private beach. Did I forget to mention that before?

Our private beach.

Eventually, I did stand up.

Hugging close to the shore. Concentrating.

Then after a little more guidance from MLP.

"Keep your feet further apart."

"Hold the paddle at the top, not half way down."

I ventured a little further out.

Giving a quick nod to the millionaire yacht owners as I skimmed passed on my hired SUP. They were soooo jealous. 

I had fun. Lots of it. 

I'm certainly not an expert yet. I'm not sure how I would get back on if I fell off in deep water. But it was easier than I thought. And who knows what you might see zooming across the Pacific ... well, maybe a little bay in the most beautiful harbour I know.

Oh, where was I, I hear you ask. Q Station, Manly. The old Quarantine Station which has been refurbished and is now an hotel. 


But more about the Q Station next Friday.

And why the short break, again? Well, it was a long weekend, Australia Day, and MLP is off on an adventure on his own soon, so, why not? And we're only in this magnificent city for a short while, so best to make the most of it.

I highly recommend short breaks. Very rejuvenating.  

How are your New Year's resolutions going?

Done any SUP-ing?

I'm definitely doing it again.
Loved it.

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