Looking back, looking forwards, 2015 … another year begins.

16 January 2015

This time last year I made my resolutions public. Was that a good idea? Yep, definitely. Knowing that I would have to fess up to my successes and failures kept me on track all year, haunted me all year.  So, now that time has come. Time to fess up. Time to set 2015 resolutions. Time to get into this new year.

2014 resolutions ( read them here) were:

1. Exercise. 

Yep, I did pretty well. I found a heated pool within 10 minutes of home and swam twice a week, on the rare occasion, three times a week, for the great majority of the year. And … I loved it. I swam on hair-washing-mornings. Out of bed, swimmers on, a little breakfast and off to the pool. Coffee at the little pool coffee shop afters. Worked a treat.

The fact that some mornings I had to share the pool with the Penrith Panthers in their recovery session was an added extra. One lady I spoke to had to get herself out of the pool … she was totally unable to focus, but me, I soldiered on, almost unfazed by a couple of lanes full of young, fit, healthy, shirtless football heroes. Almost.

Sacrifices sometimes have to be made. They wanted to use my lane … I had to change lanes.

2. Flowers.

Yep, did that fairly well too. And, I loved it too. I even changed their water and gave them flower food. Amazing what a difference it makes!

3. The backwards hanger thing.

Yep, I had some success with that. Clothes did go to charity, BUT I need to do it again. There are still some rarely worn items lurking in the wardrobe depths.

I even had MLP brainwashed. He came out one day in a rarely worn T-shirt. So, of course, I made a comment and his response was, "It was still on a backwards hanger and I didn't want you to throw it out."


4. Decorating the house with control.

Well, the size of this house has had some impact. It's much smaller, so many things are packed away waiting for when we return home in two years' time. So, I suppose I could claim some success, but realistically, I'm never going to be a minimalist. I love my things too much.

But what about 2015? Resolutions?

I'm going to go with my 2014 idea and only make a few. A few seems to be realistic for me. Achievable.  And I'm going to keep on with the exercise and the flowers from 2014.

So, here we go. Are you ready?

1. Hand and nails.

When I was much younger, I was much better at looking after my hands. Hand cream, nail polish. You know what I mean. I always wore gloves when I did any dish washing or pukie stuff, but I've been a bit slack. My nails are sometimes … usually … an afterthought.

Well, not in 2015 and beyond. Things are going to change. I'm not about to become a long-taloned-acrylic-nail person. Tried that for a short time once. It's just not me.

I like shorter nails that I can live a life in … if you know what I mean. I need to be able to make a bed, pick up pins (That is TOTALLY impossible with long acrylic nails!), type blog posts. So, I'm opting for shorter, natural, polished nails and the regular upkeep of them.

Achievable? Yes, I think so.

2. Do the ribbon on the wardrobe rod thing.

I know you're thinking … What?!?

Well, I saw the little video-you-tubie thing where you tie a ribbon at the front of your wardrobe rod. Then, as you wear clothes and return them to the robe, you place them in front of the ribbon. Simple.

I've tried to find the you-tubie thing again so you can watch it for yourself, but no luck. Sorry.

The idea is to try to wear your way through your entire wardrobe … not the special fancy-smanchy clothes, just the everyday and work clothes.

If some pieces remain behind the ribbon after say six months, then chances are you're never going to wear them. So, out they go. Charity box here they come.

Achievable? Definitely, in fact I think I like this idea better than 2014's backward hanger one.

Easier. Simpler. More in your face.

3. Be more assertive.

Not in a nasty way, just in a pleasant no-that-won't-do kind of way.

I can be assertive, but usually it only happens when I have reached the end of my tether and sometimes that means I should have spoken up much earlier.

Like with the rubbish bin lady at my local hardware store last year. You can read about that adventure here. I did get a replacement bin, but ooh she was a piece of nastiness.

An email to the store manager should have ensued from my Mac, but it didn't. I should have asked for her name, but I didn't.

Sometimes, I think of these things when I fuming my way back to the car.

What about you? Are you better in those sorts of situations than me?

4. Indulge myself every now and then.

Facials, massages, Stand Up Paddle boarding lessons … on my list of indulge-myself things for 2015.

Not sure what else yet, I'm still thinking.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

So, are you brave enough to add your resolutions in the comments?

And then come back and check them off at the beginning of 2016?

Any help with my indulge-myself list would be great.

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