2014 ... A year begins.

3 January 2014

We're in a new state, a new town, soon a new house and a new year has begun, but what is going to change?

Well, firstly, my New Year's resolutions are going public. Scary! Because there'll be an expectation to perform.  I can hear the greetings ... "Hi, how are your resolutions going?" ... "Did you manage to ... ?" ... "How's the ... ?", but it may well be a way to keep me on track.

Have you made resolutions in the past? Have you ever managed to keep them?  I read something the other day that said New Year resolutions were a to-do list for the first week of the new year! Yeah, good one! 

Anyway, for what they're worth ...  my resolutions.

NYR 1.

I know, I can hear you groaning ... loudly.  But I'm not going overboard; I know my limitations.  I HATE the gym. Been there done that and failed extremely well.  I can keep it up for a while but not long term. It's just not me, not my type of fun. In fact I really, REALLY HATE it. I don't like the smells, the sounds, the equipment, the outfits, the muscles. I'm sure you understand.

My type of exercise involves feet and water. I love to walk and I looovvveee to swim. So, my exercise resolution is to swim or walk at least three times a week. 

It's going to get hard down here in winter. I've been led to believe there may be mornings of minus 5 or 6! Oooo! Hello snuggly blankets and oh-so-unsexy socks.

But, so far I've done well. A 30 to 45 minute walk on the last two days. So, I'm starting well!

NYR 2.
Flowers in the house every week.

Flowers make me feel happy. I like their perfumes, colours, shapes.  My new local Woolieworths has nice ones for less than $10 (I checked it out the other day when we sneak peeked our new house.) and it's only about 750 metres walk from home! I can kill two resolutions in one hit ... walk and flowers.  These resolutions are going to be e-a-s-y!

I picked these ones up the other day and the bougainvillea ... sort of ... fell ... off a branch ... as I was walking yesterday afternoon.  Flowers do that sometimes. 

They were hanging way over the footpath. I was thinking about public safety.

There were some beautiful, perfumed roses but they were inside the fence. I draw the line at inside-the-fence-flowers. I do have morals.

NYR 3.
Do the backwards hanger thing in the wardrobe.

I know that probably doesn't make much sense but I read on a blog somewhere about a technique to declutter your wardrobe.  I need to do that!  Having stopped work, there are some bits lurking in my wardrobe which haven't seen the light of day for many months.

I've used the excuse that I might need them in this southern city ... in winter. Townsville didn't have winter! Well, I think I wore a cardigan for about a week ... or at least for a couple of days.

So, now there can be no pathetic excuses. I'm going to do it ... the backwards hanger thing in the wardrobe!

When my clothes go into my new wardrobe, every hanger will be placed backwards. Then, when I wear something, the hanger is turned around.  How easy is that!  

In six months or twelve months, any hangers facing the wrong way hold clothes I don't wear and therefore DON'T NEED! So they get a free ride to the Salvos.

There will be some special pieces which will receive dispensation ... those ones that go to parties and weddings ... but only a very few!

I have also read in blog land about a lady who hangs everything ... EVERYTHING ... AND, only allows herself 40 hangers! I reckon I could probably do that but ... it's a bit too scary for 2014.  Maybe another year?

NYR 4.
Be more controlled when decorating my new house.

I have friends who I know are giggling right now. 

I have a lot a things from my travels and, well, I like to display them, BUT I have decided to be more selective.  Some can stay IN the packing boxes. They don't ALL need to be on display AT THE SAME TIME!

Mmmmmm, this wil be the hardest resolution! But I'm going to give it my best shot. Maybe I need to have a revolving display like the best art galleries do. Some in the vault, some on display.

So, that's it. Four resolutions. Only four. No more. Achievable? I hope so.

I have lots of other little things I want to do ... like make the most of my new city, explore it, enjoy it. 

Get out there and meet new people. I know no one down here except MLP's relatives and my gorgeous friend's daughter.  So, I need to put myself out there!

But, they're not resolutions. Not official ones. 

Four NYRs are plenty for me to focus on. 

What about you? Are you game enough to put yours in print in my comment box so you can check in December to see how you've gone???

Thanks for reading my blog post. I'd love it if you left a comment below for me to read.  

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