New Year's resolutions ... one month on.

31 January 2014

It's been a month ... ALREADY! How can that be? One twelfth of 2014 gone ... disappeared ... crossed off the calendar. But, more importantly, how are the New Year's resolutions progressing?

I'm going to start with NYR 2. Illogical I know, but that's where I'm starting.

Flowers. In the house. Every week.

Well ... I bought flowers for the house of the first time last week. Not doing too well am I? MLP did offer to buy me some before then, but I thought the house was in too much chaos to warrant flowers.

There were boxes everywhere. Weren't there!

And disorganised stuff.

And mess.

And indecision.

It just didn't seem right to bring any poor, helpless flowers into the disaster zone. But, last week, last Thursday in fact, flowers were welcomed ... onto the dining table ... into the not-so-disorganised-messy-chaos. Enough progress had been made for flowers. Yea!

Pretty pinky, cerise-y carnations from my local Woolieworths ...

in my little jug I bought at an antiques fair I attended with pineapple-loving-Linda some years ago ... with its little check ribbon still intact.

Carnations are old fashioned, I know, but they are beautiful,

with the faintest of perfume.

So, despite a bad start, NYR 2 is making headway.

NYR 1 was the one to make everyone groan. Exercise. Well ... I have managed a little "formal" exercise, BUT I think emptying 80+ packing boxes,

filling cupboards,

then moving said cupboards' contents because, oh, that's in the wrong place,

dismantling 70+ boxes so they can be collected by the removalists ... hopefully some time soon so we can fit both cars in the garage,

cleaning floors, then cleaning them again, and again, and again because ... well, emptying boxes is a messy business,

placing furniture, then moving said furniture because, oh, that's in the wrong place,

and, well, I think that fulfils the exercise requirement for this first month!

Plus, I have done a couple of long walks around the neighbourhood, found the local kangaroo population and the local playground ... not that I need a playground, but it also has a BBQ which could be fun one night.

I do, however, have to find a pool. I do want to swim. And, now that things are almost organised, I can and I will.

Finding a pool is high on the agenda.

NYR 3, the backwards hanger thing.

It's done! Yea, one resolution ticked off, completed, resolved even! And it's working.

Haven't worn any of these. But that's okay; it's been too hot for them yet.

Have worn some of these.

See those knitted hangers, the pink, teal, blue and red ones? They were made by my Nanna and my mum, so be VERY careful what you say about them!

I know they don't match. I know there's some loose threads. BUT, my Nanna and mum made them. So, they're special and beautiful and fabulous and vintage and I love them as much as I loved my Nanna and love my mum.

Anyway, back to the backwards hanger thingie. Amazingly, this weird process has had an unexpected outcome. I find when I'm trying to choose what to wear, my attention is drawn to the fact that ... oh, I haven't worn that yet ... maybe I could wear that today.

I'm becoming more aware of what clothes are actually lurking in my wardrobe down the far end of the rack. Waiting. Silently. Patiently. To be selected. Maybe one day to be worn. Or not.

I read an interesting approach to clothes de-cluttering on Apartment Therapy just recently ... ask yourself, "If I saw this in a shop today, would I buy it?" Wow! This could really help when I am faced with all those backwards facing hangers a little later in the year.

Anyway, for now, NYR 3 IS working.

NYR 4, about being more selective when decorating.

Well, the size of this house has definitely impacted on that. I've been sooo good. Lots of trinkets have been re-wrapped and placed in my big Indian storage box to maybe surface another time ... when I feel like a change of scene.

Some art work and photos are on the walls, but a lot is still packed away.

Be selective.

Be controlled.

Curate and rotate. Now, there's a motto for me!

Let's say NYR 4 is a work-in-progress.

And as for the incidental resolutions.

I have met a couple of new people, MLP's old friends.

I am intending to investigate book clubs through the local library.

We have done some exploring of our new surrounds.
With the help of Urban Spoon, (MLP has the app on his phone)
we found a great restaurant in Penrith, The Union ... YUM!!

All is on track for a 2014 at the end of month one.

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